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I'd like to create a contest in Steemit, but different from the others. What could it be?

Contests are really useful to the Steem community as it helps Steemians interact more with the blockchain.

A lot of people are geared by rewards, they are moved by rewards and that keeps them actively interactive with the Steem blockchain.

A lot of Steemians have introduced different forms of contests and I'm pretty sure it would be difficult to organize a contest that hasn't ever been organized before.

But here's a list of contest ideas to run though:

Writing Contest: This is probably one of the most common contest. Since almost everyone writes on the Steem blockchain, then this contest is probably for everyone.

Photography Contest: This may be limited to photographers and if you have a good sense of photography or love pictures, then this is the kind of contest you should run.

Art/Design Contest: This should be majorly for artists, designers who can creatively make something out of nothing and give life and colour to a non existent entity.

Music Contest: This is probably the kind of contest you'd see me participate. I love music, singing and I know a couple of others love same too. A contest like this may be fun especially if you have a good ear for music.

Comedy Contest: With this dip and everything that's currently happening, laughing can be really difficult. A contest where people tell jokes to make you laugh and the funniest goes home with the prize could be something fun. Give it a try.

There are several other contest ideas that may not be listed here, but the best thing is to find out what works best for you and give it a shot.

Cheers, JI



Hi, there. Great question.

Today, as I waited in line at a drugstore (20 minutes to be told the medication i was looking for was not available) I started to keep count of the number of people who refused to wait in line and decided that their time was more valuable than others’. 7 out of every 10 found ingenious ways to cut in or be helped without having to wait. I wished I had a camera or a smart phone right then. It would have been a great video exemplifying Venezuelans’ viveza criolla (Creole wit).

It occurs to me that that might be the subject of a contest.

It would involve the making of a video to confirm, illustrate or deny a cultural assumption. The Steemian should make sure to appear in the video somehow.

All over the world there are cultural features that are said to define or characterize a given people. Kindness, politeness, rudeness, elegance, sexism, racism, beauty, physical strength, honesty, etc. Thus, from every cultural vantage point, every contestant should make this video where they introduce the topic in question, the cultural trait they want to illustrate and the place where the video is being shot.

I think that will generate very funny and interesting pieces that will be both entertaining and educational.

It would be up the judges to decide which video makes a better work at depicting or denying a cultural assumption or stereotype, in terms of the quality of the video, the creativity, the level or risks, maybe, involved in the shooting, the overall message transmitted through it or any other technical or cultural aspect the judges want to assess.

I don’t think I have seen anything like that so far on Steemit. 


I know you explicitly mentioned "different from others" here but I still want to suggest a contest somewhat similar to @stellabelle's  BANANA PROGRAM: New Steem Project Designed For Bored Humans from months ago as a reference.

The gist of the contest/program above was to promote social engagement while doing some creative tasks in the process. The Banana Program lasted for 7 weeks with each week having an increased difficulty in tasks.

The tasks per week are usually:

  • A task that would involve one to interact with other Steemians like Welcome 5 users on Steem in the #introduceyourself tag
  • A creative task that will test one's creativity skills like creating a banana phone and then making a video of yourself using that banana phone. XD

So if ever you host a contest, create one that would somewhat force everyone to "interact with other Steemians" since Steem is now becoming a closed-community groups between friends. 

And ask them to do something creative like the one above or create a tower using banana or something. Ask them to do a selfie along with it to also prove their identity in the process. XD

Although with how Steem is right now, people are more inclined to join in lottery contests and giveaway contests as they really really hate interacting with other people lol


Contest is good to see on steemit. And very intrestung thing on steemit. The contest should be healthy and worthy.

I have seen many contest on steemit, like steemjet, steemhunt etc..... but i preffer for you about art and design.

It will be very useful on steemit. And xommunity will preffer it.

But ther are also many oppurtunities for you. You can make contest about aby game which is playing by people most.

You can also create a contest smilar as dmania which is known as commedy contest. This will make people more laughing.

You can also make writing contet. But for that yiu should have trong on the topic. This kind of contest will also help to your vocab and knowledge.


Really good idea to help steemians on making contests.

It give good motivation and little bit encouragement.

There is lot of contest running in steemit we know like writing, art, design, logo creation, music, vedios..

But all are unique, if possible make interesting contest like logic based one, tricky question and answers, maths related contest,. These are funny but give motivation.

TRY different if possible.

Thanks for asking this question.