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How do I choose a strong password for my Wifi so they can't hack it?

Hacking has become a serious issue and due to which we see every now and then security data breaches. Worth billions of dollars are hacked every Year. Strong passwords play a critical role in being safe in today's internet world. I'll share with you one of the common technique named, "Passphrase" to create a strong password. 

But before that let's looks at some of the common mistakes and weak password which should NEVER be created. But due to the ease of creating it people land up creating those passwords.

The most common mistakes that are made when creating a password.

- 12345

- password

- football

- login

Image Source: WikiHow

- welcome

- abc123

- king123

- cricket 123

Do NOT use such simple passwords - they are very simple to get broken and as a result a victim to hacking.

Now let us look into creating a Strong password technique -  Use "Passphrases"

Image Courtesy: onlinepasswordgenerator.net

What is a passphrase?

- Passphrase is one of the well-known methods of creating a strong password out of phrases or sentences

- Passphrase is basically a sentence or a phrase that serves as a more secure password

- Use a sentence, proverbs you like, a famous quote from a book, or a song lyric that you can easily remember as the basis of the strong password or passphrase.

Taking an example of creating a Passphrase:

- "My favourite movie is Pursuit of Happiness saw 10times"  - mfmiPohs10t

- "Excess of anything is harmfull but I love to have icream 1time a day" - Eoaihbilthi1tad

- "Live life like a king size and enjoy 365 Days" - Lllaksae365D

From the 3 sentences above you can see the following passwords were created:-

- mfmiPohs10t

- Eoaihbilthi1tad


So what you need to do is pick the first character of the word and include numbers if they come in the sentence. By using the Passphrase technique you actually make password very strong and difficult to guess. It also helps in building a password which includes the most common components in a strong password. 

Here is the list of the most common components to include in a strng password:-

  • Both upper & lower-case letters
  • Numbers are a must
  • Include symbols & special characters
  • At least 12 characters long
  • In-indecipherable word or phrases to be used

I hope this should help to an extent in creating a strong password for your wifi or may it be any of your systems. It's always the best practice to have a strong password because this makes it difficult rather very hard to break in the systems.


I think I am not late to answer this question as there are already many good answers. So I don't need to repeat but would only add up a little to those.

Other than a secure password and MAC address security, the WPS PIN feature is also a way for hackers to connect with your wifi.

Your router has the option to turn it on or off. I recommend it to be at OFF. They try random PINs numbers and if that feature is ON you will be at risk. So look for WPS in your router and turn it off.


Chose a song you like, One you know the words too. 

Do NOT! tell anyone the song. 

Do NOT! use your favourite song.

So as an example. I like Queen Freddy Mercury.

Can anybody find me somebody to love.

You take a line from the song, Here I am going to use the title for demonstrative purpose. 

Taking the first letter from each word I get C a f m s t l (recommend a longer line)

Giving the pass Cafmstl

I would adjust this to add variety, and alter it to something like


At this point I would add one of the symbols on the numerics shift, Like ^ or &

Giving a password of


In the case of a short line like this one, maybe two lines from the song would work better, This will give you a password that is easy for you to remember. not so easy for others to guess at.


I have a preety simple way to make strong passwords

For example:

F0r 3x4mpl3

Zero is the "0" because they look similar, then one is "i" two is "Z" three is 3, four A, five S, six a G, 7 a T, eight a B.

1 c4n wr1t3 p455w0rd5 easily.


If you want to create a strong password use lots of quirky character types  like !@$%  . Dont use common words while making password. You can also create a strong password using Avast Password it will give you very anonymous passwords.


First and foremost, choosing a password must be something that is difficult to guess and has nothing to do with your personal life, you can use a password generator to help generate passwords.

Second, a good password must consist of a combination of letters, numbers and characters, making it difficult for someone to do a bruteforce attack.

For instance: `@4J@*gJkL&@g`

Third, you have to change passwords frequently, there is a saying that said, treat your password like you treat your underwear.


Good Question, 

First of all I will tell you that how can hacker hack password, Normally script hacker hack the wifi password from Kali Linux because By using this software we can easily hack any wifi but this is illegal.

How to secure our Wifi Password? 

If you want that No one will able to hack your wifi password then what we do? First If you want to make a strong password keep in mind use Capital letter, Number, Small letters and some symbol. this type of password do not crack easily.

Second there is also a option to secure your Wifi by turning On MAC Security. on your Wifi router then No one able to use your wifi without your permission because they need access which is Off by you. 

If you want to add some new network then you have to put their Mac Address on your Wifi Router. 

I think You get my points.