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Why is it so hard for us to say NO?

As human there are some weaknesses and shortcomings which we all have in us. These traits differs from individual to individual depending how optimistic or how pessimistic one is. There are some people who are very shy to speak or interact with people just like the introverted ones and similarly we also have people who are very confident in speaking and interacting with people just like the extroverts.

When it comes to saying NO to people's requests, we also differ in this aspect because we are not equal when it comes to  turning people down or rejecting people's requests. There are some people who are always scared to say NO because they don't really have that confidence to do so while some other people don't care about saying NO to people due to their high level of confidence and fearless nature.

I was able to come up with the below few reasons why we it is sometimes hard for us to say NO to people's request. These are  my reasons below because i gathered them from experience.

LOW SELF ESTEEM/LACK OF CONFIDENCE: One of the cause of saying No is as a result of your low self esteem or you lack self confidence. This traits will allow you to keep accepting people's request because you don't have that confidence to them know.

The sad part about this is that these set of people are mostly oppressed sometimes due to their weakness. People tend to cheat them because they already knew that they will surely grant them their requests.

It is very important to build our self confidence which automatically develops our self esteem so that we can learn to say NO at requests we aren't suitable with.

YOU WANT TO PLEASE EVERYONE: This is one of the mistakes some weak minded people engage in. They want  to keep pleasing everyone because they don't people to tag them with bad names. The fact is that people will surely say bad things about you no matter how good you are and they will surely say good things about you no matter how bad you are. So why do you want to please everyone?

It is very important to build our self confidence which automatically develops our self esteem so that we can learn to say NO at requests we aren't suitable with. en though you may look bad in the sight of such person. Always remember it's your life and not theirs. People who please everyone do end up getting stressed up and sad because some people won't still appreciate them for their effort.

THE STATUS OF THE PERSON IN REQUEST : Sometimes we can never say NO or turn down some request due to the status of the person requesting from us. You can't expect a slave to turn down the request of his or her master because his or master act like a leader in the slave's life. It is also very difficult for a worker to turn down the request of his or her boss because the worker maybe scared of getting sacked at work. Also it is very difficult for us to turn down the request of our parents because they've done great things for us which has impacted our lives.

It is advisable for anyone who wishes to turn down or reject such request to do it in a respectful manner due to their requester status so that we won't get punished or harmed for making our choice.

YOU WANT SOMETHING IN RETURN : Some people find it very difficult to say no because they want something in return. I call these type of people the "Traders". They engage in trading by barter by not saying NO to people's request with the hope of getting something back from them.

These are some of the above reasons that explains why we find it difficult to say NO.

In conclusion, i will advice people to do things they can do to help when it comes to helping people or granting their wishes  but always make sure you are doing things that you are comfortable with. If you aren't capable of granting their requests try to develop the courage to say NO.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps.


Generally saying "NO", sometimes is often contrary to public opinion it makes people look different and stand out in an awkward way but right way, in the society we live in these days it takes courage to stand out a bit different in a particular perspective without being scared to be judged or called names from wanting to be different and people always lack courage in order to defend their moral values in public so as a result of lack of courage people are often convinced to go contrary to their belief and their principles because they do not have the courage to stand by them.

Another reason why people cannot say no or find it difficult to say no it's because of their weaknesses sometimes a person's weakness may be sex or excessive drinking womanizing partying and this weaknesses makes it difficult for them to resist when a person comes with an opportunity to do these the fact that this attitude already lies in them but it is hardly dominant so when people present an opportunity to indulge in this kind of things with them it's always difficult for them to eject because it's already their weaknesses and this offers are just like igniting a fire to an already made fuel, and the circumstances like this people find it difficult to say no.

Sometimes saying no is very difficult in the sense that sometimes saying no may affect people even if it means doing the right thing for example if any position in a company where you manage financial accounts some of your friends may approach you in order to embezzle money from your company saying yes to them is easier even if it goes beyond your moral compass the fact that they are your friends will make it even difficult for you because they represent a lot of reasons why they are doing this and even show you the prospect of orig you can be in future if you decide to embezzle funds and I say no to them would be like betraying your friendship I'm not seeing the bigger picture as they will actually point it out as so as a result of the pressure people tend to give in in order not to be seen or called bad people so they succumb to pressure pressure makes it difficult for people to say no.


It's not hard, you just have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. 

Saying no can have consequences, depending on the case. You have to decide which one is better. Not saying no and suffering, tormenting yourself because you might have to do something you don't like or don't want. Or you can just say no, face the music for a while and then be free and happy. 

Learning to say no is a hard lesson. I used to deny saying no just for the sake of peace or friendship or whatever. It wasn't good, I can tell you from experience. People tend to think they are more liked if the don't say no. That's not true, people take advantage of you if they figure it out  you can't say no. 

Learn to say no and make people respect you, not take advantage of you! The sooner the better! 


It is difficult to state no due to:- 

Family Pressure:- When we are compelled to take a choice by our relatives, we regularly think that its difficult to differ to the choice. This is the most well-known circumstance in India however this condition is enhancing step by step. Ex-beta specialist bano!! 

solution:- When you and your family have distinction in suppositions, endeavor to come at a typical arrangement through talk. On the off chance that you are damn certain about your choice identified with your life or vocation, adhere to that and after that substantiate yourself by exceeding expectations in your field. 

peer Pressure:- This is exceptionally normal among the adolescent. Numerous understudies are dependent on negative behavior patterns simply because they don't realize how to state NO. Ex-Chalo aaj party karte hain. 

solution:- You need to make yourself more grounded to adhere to your standards and qualities. One Yes can destroy your life. At whatever point the companions request that you go along with them in some negative behavior patterns like drinking or smoking, simply consider your friends and family right then and there. Simply consider the incidental quality of such supposed delights and entertain yourself with gainful exercises that fulfill you extremely like perusing, painting, composing on quora and so forth. 

Absence of standards and qualities throughout everyday life:- Living a real existence that needs standards and ethics is viewed as cool these days yet is really a hazardous thing. You should have a few standards and qualities to pursue and you ought to likewise urge your dear ones to have these. Living with standards brings self-control, the certainty to take choices and soaks up in us the characteristics of trustworthiness, immaculateness and truth. 

Rat Race:- Sometimes because of the cutting edge patterns of accomplishing something especially, we stroll with the group not understanding what might be beneficial for us. 

solution:- Know yourself first. Figure what might be beneficial for you. Self acknowledgment is the answer for the vast majority of the issues that you look throughout everyday life. Discover answers to-Who you are? What do you really like? Who are the genuine ones throughout your life? Ones you know these answers, you'll have a tranquil existence.


Because it is human nature the need to be liked and saying "NO" will most likely end up in them hating us. XD