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What makes a child fruitful in school?

A GOOD THEACHER; many people seem to neglect this factor but the truth is that a very good teacher we facilitate the fruitfulness of a child. Teaching pattern varies in every teacher and since the teacher is the foundation of a child's knowledge a poor teacher will definitely produce a poor child while a sound and capable teacher will bring out the best in a child. I experienced this when I was a little child my father had to experiments with two or three teachers teaching me and in the end he chose the best for me and I had a very solid foundation as a child which built me up on my way to low school and high school. So a good teacher is definitely needed to bring out the best in a child.

SUPPORTIVE PARENTS; parents are also instrumental in the curricular activities of their children at school this may sound very strange but sometimes children needs very supportive parents in order to build on what they've learnt in school you must also remember that children are forgetful as well and they will need parents to be a constant reminder of their academic success who would also guide and help them with their homeworks and their assignments . If parents are always busy or are always not giving time to their children at home even if they have very good teachers they may still be poor academically because they do not have their parents to back up what they have learnt in school, education is a gradual process and it needs both the contribution of parents and teachers in order to work out well.

CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT; another factor is a conducive environment both at school and at home another factor to conducive environment would also entail having good food, good rest and good recreational activities. Children will always be children I'm giving them good food and also given them rest will facilitate the growth and progress of their brain , overworking children will not bring out the best in them but when you give them the best kind of your environment during learning, sleeping or doing other things ensure that their health is top notch because being healthy is also having sound mind. So children needs conducive environments in order to be fruitful at school this also include having a good environment at home and also at school I believe when these areas are considered in a child's academic life then a child is bound to succeed in their academic activities


First of all enthusiasm about gaining knowledging and curiosity. If those two abilities or characteristics are non existent, there is not much you can do except finding out what the kid is interested in. All too often school rather curbs a childs enthusiasm and curiosity. Best would be to show the kid how to find thing out by itself in the library or later on on the internet or by asking the right questions and discuss things, These are abilities the young one would benefit the most from. Do not rely on school alone.


There are various factors that makes a child productive in school, the chief one among them is a stable home. When the home is conducive and filled with love and care, the child will have nothing to bother about and take his/her mind off school. Another thing that can make a child work harder in school is motivation and encouragement from parents. Parents should be able to guide their kids academically, encourage them in area that they are having challenge and monitor them. If your kids understand that you'rd interested in how they perform in school and you're supportive, they would put in effort in their studies so as not to disappoint you. Let them know why education is important to them and why they need to be the best. When kids understand why they have to or are doing something and they love such reason, they will always put in their best. Just give your kids your time and show interest in their studies, they will always try to come out best in class


I thunk a happy child that is loved and cared for will help. If a mother and father have helped prepare a child by teaching things already it will be a big help. Making learning fun will inspire the child to learn more.

A child needs to have some interests and having some basics will make the learning a little easier and may inspire the child to do more. Parents have to continue what was learned at school when the child gets home.

A child that can stay up with the class or get ahead would benefit immensely and enjoy themselves that much more. Keeping it fun is the key. As soon as the fun disappears the child will lose interest.


A backpack full of apples and bananas. 😁