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Do you think we need bots and networks here on musing.io?
Clients seldom upvote other individuals' answer and the inquiries barely get an upvote. DO you think we require bots and networks to minister elegantly composed and educative answers/questions?

There is no requirement bots on musing platform as it will just destroy musing platform like steemit platform. When steemit started before two year it attracted a lot of people mind toward it but after few months there was use of bots in this platform which has broken the aim for steemit platform as this platform was to reward good posts and people upvote them But today no one likes to upvote each other post only they think is to use the bots and earn money and reputation on their post. 

So if musing follows the same than it will 100% destroy this platform too and i really feel their won't bee any bots here. As people will stop giving genuing answers and question they will just use the post by keeping their answers in even one line. If in future they want to beat other platforms like quora and many others than they should improve their platform by some other good things instead of using this bots.


In my opinion, it is very ineffective to use a bot to raise a vote on your answer. Bots will only reduce the quality of content (answer), because the vote bot is a paid vote instead of upvote based on interesting, appropriate, loogical and educative answers.

The use of bots on the musing platform will only bring the same problem as the steemit platform. So, therefore, don't use a bot to raise the sound of your answer. More you answer well and systematically and easily understood.

I am sure, musing will choose and reap your answers based on your own judgment and analysis. I think today's musing is fair enough to curate answers or questions.



Bots are going to kill musing just as it's killing steemit. Musing is a free platform for all and anyone does not need to belong to a network or a community before they can get support on musing if they contribute constructively. Musing has just one community and that community is "the musing communiy ".

Anyone that can ask educative question won't still be able to ask educative questions or respond to questions constructively regardless of the changes that will be made. Bots and community won't help musing grow in any way. They are going to limit it and they shouldn't be allowed


SteemIt is overrun by bots. The bots are harvesting the bulk of the rewards and are destroying the curation of content.

The platform needs bot-free corners where people can communicate.

Anyway, since the posts show up on SteemIt. Posts appear to be receiving some upvotes from bots.


Bots are truly the last thing that we need here I think, that would really take out everything genuine about how we are trying to share knowledge here on this page.

Honestly, with rewarding...in the beginning here I also forgor a lot to reward people, it wasnt super natural for some reason? Maybe that is something that should be highlighted more in the interface?