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How does Ego wreck individuals?

Ego is one of the feeling or affection that we all have inside of us. Some have less while some is full of it. To be more precise in the matter lets get to the the things where we might see some different theories from my point of view

From the perspective of mine "EGO IS YOUR GREATEST ENEMY" 

Well it is said that we have different opinions and I do agree to that all along. While from the life that I have lived so far and with all the things that have happened I do can agree with the statement all along. Most of the time we can see that EGO does bad than good to us. Sometimes it is better to have some EGO within yourself in good ways but on the other hand it could ruin your in various ways that no one can cure you from(As you are your only cure).

  • EGO is something that has the ability to divert yourself from Developing

While this is something where we come at some point in our life. Such as we do not really know all the things about everything. So in this kind of situations where a person can make improvements by being with others and learning from others in any way possible be that it may be social or real life potentially just being yourself and acting like you know everything could deprive you from getting educated by others who might be good at something than you. By being  Egoistic it could make you less social and yeah at some point everyone needs someone by pushing others away could lead to being alone in life.

  • It kills your Respect for Others

While this is something which you will feel at some point in your life as well. Where you will take people standing in front of you as competition instead of respecting that  person who has skills and is superior to you. That person could be the light that you were searching or could make you a better person than you are . Learning from others is not bad neither lets you look lower over yourself. This just means that you are passionate about learning something different and you are kind of enough to be in touch with that person and start to make a bond. 

  • You become too Judgmental 

The faster you get to accept what you can do and what you can not in your life it could make you realize who you are. You start to judge people and start to complain and always think of being on the top. Which makes you more vulnerable in taking wrong decisions and at the end when you realize it you will start to feel guilty or regret it for taking or doing that particular thing.

Last but not the least

  • You will move away from  your loved ones

Being with someone or with a family means a lot of shortcomings and sacrifices and even compromising things. With being EGOistic you will not realize what rational/irrational  decisions that you are taking. Resulting getting people away from you. 

While some steps/ways might be in use to be in ways of you and EGO

  • Be the person who you want others to be
  • Don't put yourself ahead at all times
  • Take suggestions/advice from others in times necessary
  • Enjoy the time being with others
  • Don't show off at all times

After all we want to be happy in our life in any way possible. While some people might think differently that is how we are . 

Hope it helps.

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Ego is often seen as a negative aspect of the personality but it doesn't have to be seen that way. Ego can be positive. Ego is our sense of self-esteem or self-confidence. And loving yourself while being able to identify with who you are should not be a bad thing. I think it is determined that ego gets in the way when pride takes over. Pride can cause us to not take advantage of opportunities that are presented to us or keep us from loving someone that has hurt us, for example. Ego and/or pride cause us to wreck ourselves only if we lose who we are and our purpose in life. 

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash   



Ego, in its negative sense, has wrecked not only individuals; it has wrecked empires.

We can think of Ego as “a person’s sense of self-esteem” (OED); there’s nothing wrong with that. There is even a publishing industry devoted to elevate self-value/perception.


Psychoanalytically speaking, Ego is “the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and sense of personal identity.” In other words, it is a bridge that connects our nature with our nurture.

Unlike the Id, which is defined as “the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest,” or the Superego, which is “the part of the person’s mind that acts as self-critical conscience, reflecting social standards learned from parents and teachers,” the Ego exercises  free choice, reason. 

However, so many negative words derive from ego, such as egoism, egotist, egocentric, egomaniac, or (here the name of your favorite egotistic president), that we have ended up conceiving the word as insulting. We start thinking that someone’s problem is their ego whenever stubbornness imposes itself as the person’s driving force, whenever self-esteem degenerates into self-importance, self-centeredness, arrogance and selfishness.

These are all supposed to be the same manifestations of anti-values. Any person driven by egotistical motivations faces isolation and rejection; fear and mockery instead of respect (especially when the superego is totally disregarded and the Id gets the best of people). The human being is a gregarious creature. We are supposed to live in flocks; we need other human beings in order to properly integrate as part of a society or group. Integration is founded on common grounds, on shared beliefs, or at least on agreements achieved thanks to negotiations.

Egomaniacs do not see the need of social approval. They see themselves as superior, they overvalue themselves too much and undervalue others’ opinions. They recur to people only to use them; they manipulate and coax. That is the beginning of their demise. If egotistic people are simple people, they will just suffer social ostracism. They are annoying and even disgusting. Nobody wants to talk to someone who is always right, who knows better, who thinks they do anything better than the others. If they are powerful, they surround themselves of sycophants (who will feed their delusions of grandeur) and may die thinking they were right and loved

When political leaders have “ego issues” they promote disunion which can weaken their countries and make it vulnerable to their enemies. It has been the case with most leaders throughout history (including those included in biblical narratives) whose impulsive decisions drove them to choose poorly, causing armies, economies, and their own people to be destroyed.

Ego, in the psychological sense, is not the problem; the lack of it is. Ego needs to recover its policing role and act as mediator between our animalistic impulses and our socially induced repressions. Reaching a middle ground between hating yourself and loving yourself too much (at the expense of others) may be the ideal state of being.


The ego develops in the form of protection.

People who live dominated by the ego are deceived, think they are superior and do not see reality. It is a thought error that tries to make a presentation of how you would like to be, rather than how it really is.

The ego is also a social mask, a role that takes us further and further away from who we really are. This mask needs flattery, approval from others, it needs to have control of situations and people, it wants to have power because in the depths of your being there is fear.

It is like a character that is being created. The ego moves away from simplicity and is characterized by complication, it is like a performance of the ideal, a false self-esteem that needs to be projected so that no one sees the great insecurity that hides inside.

When the ego is not fed by the outside, the person feels bad, emotions can experience all kinds of negative sensations, such as shyness, anger, grief, fear, etc. ...

Then we'll see that it's a false security disguised. When the person is criticized, he is not accepted and is not recognized is when the mask falls off and we can realize that in reality we are not who we think we are.

According to the ego, your identity depends on what others think of you, which is why it is so important not to let it dominate your life, because otherwise you will be like a leaf that moves to the sound of the wind based on what you receive from society.


It becloud sound judgement in critical situation. To be objective, one must lower his/her ego. Without proper judgement of ourselves and others, we are going nowhere.

For instance, it is ego that prevents men from saying 'I am sorry' to their wife, he feels like he does not need to apologize because he is the family head. The wife will feel bad, this might shake the foundation of their love, thereby putting everything they've built in jeopardy.


Ego plays a role in making things pass us by, most times we might come by opportunities of a lifetime but we just let them go because of our ego. Our mindset tells us that we are bigger than such opportunities, but a true hustler coming by such a chance won't let it go.

Most times it is okay if we let go of our ego, humble ourselves and see what destiny has in stock for us. No one knows tomorrow, you might start up a hustle today with something small and next thing tomorrow the story changes.

People close to us might even see an opportunity that they feel would be beneficial to us, but will think our ego will not let us accept them.

Ego also makes us feel that we are better than others, and it develops to a stage where we do not want to associate with them, we tend to discriminate just because we think they are not our class and we don't have to relate or interact with them. We also tend to possess the act of oppressing people too others too which is not good.

So anyone who is full of his/her ego is not doing himself/herself any good because it will not pay us in any way, instead people tend to avoid us.


Ego is the worst sin that a human can have. These days ego is one  of the biggest interruption for communication and it worsen the things that are in one's life. I will recommend you to not to give the space to this bad things like ego, jealousy, angreness in your brain. It only damages the things that are associated to you.

What is ego?

Ego damages...

  • Personality - It hampers one's personality and being egoistic will not going to make any good days or response from the people. Such personalities are getting ignored and no one really wants to be in such company.
  • Relationships -  Relationship is the key ingredient in between two parties and ego directly affect this so a lot of relationships are being damaged by the egoistic nature. 

  • Trust - People will eventually start to give up on you as they will not find you the one who can be trusted for any thing. Nobody likes an egoistic partner. So it also affects trust between two parties.
  • On loosing side - Being egoistic to something will not going to achieve some good values or memories in your life. You will be on loosing side. You will be loosing a lot of people, relationships and will eventually fall in trust issues.
  • Knowledge - Knowledge is the most important asset of a life and ego will never bring you knowledge. You will trust on your limited knowledge so in order to gain more knowledge you have to drop your ego.


First move toward this path is to accept the reality and not to throw yourself in fantasy world. Real world values are more different from what we make via our perspection and knowledge. 

Respect others despite of class, rank, level, race or anything. Respecting others will give you more respect and value in return.

Get emotionally strong. Don't let your emotions dependent on circumstances. This is real world and real world is more dynamic in nature so there are high chances of getting unexpected results in return.

Source :- Imgur, pixabay

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An egoistic person is always very proud and you know what pride can do to someone. A proud person will always want to have things done his/her way, will never listen to the opinions or suggestions of others, will always consider his/her opinions as the best even when there are other better opinions from others, will hardly admit a mistake, will most often be very rude and disrespectful to others, etc. All of the stated qualities are qualities that could wreck anyone.

Ego closes our eyes to reality and the things happening around us until our ship has already or almost sink. An egoistic person repeals others that no one even bothers to correct such a person when they know he/she us heading for destruction. This is how ego wrecks an individual


Yes ego is a really dangerous thing that can usually wreck a person's life. Having a huge emo means that this person can't usually accept the opinions of others and is usually a lone worker as he/she believes that they can usually do everything themselves and without the help of others at all.

Ego is what has made empires crumble. And ego is what makes us fail at our successes. For example, if we one day did have a successful empire and suddenly we felt this over confidence and once that ego feeds itself, it can lead to great destruction.


@Nanoz, In my opinion, ego mainly push towards two things and that is, it stops an individual to improve through someone's productive criticism and next one is, it push an individual to judge others very easily. Stay blessed. 🙂