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What benefits do you give today to many people?

I am currently at a church program called Shiloh. Shiloh happens every year around the world at Winners Chapel worldwide. At every country, they are hooked up to the event that holds live in my country. 

I happen to school in Benin Republic and as such, understand a bit of French. i may be able to understand what a French man is saying, but communicating back may be a slight challenge. Although, I can communicate but not as beautifully as a French man would. 

A lot of foreigners came for this Shiloh event and a good number of them do not understand English, they only understand and communicate with French.

I happened to meet three of such persons today who were stranded and needed help. They had talked to others who couldn't understand what they were saying. I was close by and I happened to listen in on their misunderstanding. I steeped in, spoke French language to the French man to find out what the problem was. I then interpreted what he had said to the English man. With an interpreter in their midst, we were able to find solution to the problem. I was so happy and thankful that I could help.

The next two persons who came through also had similar issues. They needed something but couldn't communicate in English language, someone who had heard me speak French previously, called me and I again, stepped in as an interpreter. This happened again for the third time and I was so happy I could help.

I am happy my little French could be of benefit to people. This made me really glad and thankful to God.


I think everyone in life has a function , a responsibility to to humanity and the world at large so it is only natural for people to be designed to have influence in the lives other people it was for me I take it upon myself to help people according to their situations it could be monetary, psychological or financial boost . The truth is that not everybody has the same problem in life so I just adjust myself in order to be able to render assistance help and benefit to my fellow human based on what they need oh, for example it is not right to offer someone who is badly in need of food psychological advice it won't work, but if someone is in need of food and you offer them food then you have indirectly solve their problem so this is what I do , first I identify the problem of people, then I help them with it according to how they want this way people will benefit from me according to their heart desires.

Some people offer benefits to other people based on their profession sometimes just like when we have doctors in medicine , so I choose to always friend that help to people so that they can always remember me as soon as I can also have impact in their life . Sometimes I help people with fulfilling their dreams, other times I do charity work some other time I can also offer psychological advice to someone who is in order to put happiness back to their faces so I love seeing people happy so much and I know that with my destin and all my projects I have been able to be a source of benefits to some people at some period of time some I may recall some I may not even recall full stop so I think people will benefit from me as a result of my benevolence and kindness for the love of humanity


For me the effects of what I do to my society comes about ten years from the time I have planted those seeds of wisdom.

I educate the younger generation and make sure that most of them would become someone important in the future. I guide them and adjust the kids and make sure they do something that is positive for the society.

I think it will have this compounding effect that is gonna be felt. If I create more talented humanoids, then there would b a rippled effect. The society can upgrade. There would be better engineers, doctors, teachers and many more. The students that I have taught have mostly graduated university. Some of them did not believe in themselves but they needed motivation to become someone better.

The second contribution I do to the society is

Reducing the use of plastics and recycling more.

I know that if we can benefit one another if we create less waste on earth. If everyone starts to create less waste and we do it together at the same time, I am sure the amount of rubbish in the world would reduce enormously.


Every day I intend to help others in some way, who feel a benefit or contribution to their lives from me. From the simplest and most powerful things like a hug or a smile to sharing what little I have. There are many people around me who have received some benefit from my actions and that gives me a lot of peace and joy. But the most important thing for me and that is clear to me is that I don't divulge it, I don't like it.


I patched them up well at the Emergency Room and maybe saved a few lives in there as well. I gave them my time and it helped extend their lives longer. I'm a medical student.