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Why use google as the main search engine?

The answer is based only on my own opinions, since I cannot speak for anyone else besides myself when it comes to this. However, my reason for using Google as a search engine boils down to the following things:

1) It gives the best results. I have tried other search engines, and none of them have given me as relevant results as Google is able to. And finding the content I want is my number 1 priority when I use a search engine, so this point holds a lot of weight. 

2) I'm used to it. I have used Google for many years, and I'm very familiar with it. I might try some new options as they come along, but none have really felt right for me. However, as stated above, I will be changing to another search engine if they can actually provide better results than Google. 

3) It works really well in several languages. If I want to search in Norwegian, I can just type in Norwegian, and I don't need to specify it in the settings, since Google will automatically be able to tell. Some other search engines also have this feature, but far from all. 

So, these are my main three reasons. I'm sure other people have other reasons for using Google, but I also think these points are pretty similar to how many other feel as well. 


I think MOST people just use Google as their default search engine because it is the easiest and most well known! It is also the default search engine for mosr devices running Android and Windows (unsure about Apple...), which also again just makes it the default for most people without even thinking.

Google is the most advanced search engine and the biggest (by far), meaning intheory it should give the best results. Sometimes the problem with Google is that it is 'bias' in the fact that it is linked to all of your other Google accounts (there are many - Gmail, Google maps, Google translate etc), and thus sometimes it gives more 'personalised' searches based on your profile. Also the ads and tracking are becoming more and more overwheling and unhelpful - more targetted, and a little bit scary how targetted and accurate their advertising is becoming!

Recently I switched and tested out duckduckgo.com as an alternative. It seemed to work fine as an alternative, but sometimes didnt give as good a results for instance, weather, news etc. However, it is advertised as 'the search engine which doesnt track ou', and so it depends what you value more - data privacy or better results. In the end I ended up back with Google - although not happy about it I dont see many better options currently.

Maybe one day there will be a great decentralised search engine...


There are several reasons I use Google as the main search:

1. Easy to Use for Beginners

2. Satisfactory and Weighted Search Results

3. Up-to-date results (always updated)

4. Supported Advanced Technology and Many Servers

5. Can Find Specific Things

6. Can translate foreign languages into Indonesian

7. Different Search Results in Each User Country

8. Filter and Block the Evil One

9. Continuously Developed Over Time

10. Free of Reliance on Advertising

Google is the engine of search engines on the internet with various advantages far enough compared to its competitors.

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Google's main search engine is spectacular. It not only can find relevant web pages, you can use it to translate web pages to and from other languages. You can also view the image Google has cached in their search engine database, if available. This makes finding the important part of a web page.

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