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Why do people treat people who have tattoos differently without even knowing them?

This is due to the perception they have about people wearing tattoos and this varies from location to location.

In my location, anyone who wears tattoo is seen as an irresponsible and bad person. This is why most people don't even want to converse with them because they are mostly bad boys and they do act like that similarly. It is this same people that oppress people around the street and do all form of criminal activities.

In some areas, they see the wearing of tattoos as normal thing without having any bad thoughts. They believe wearing of tattoos is just like dressing and this kind of people are actually nice because they wear tattoos just to imitate top celebrities and it serves as fashion for them also. These kind of people are not bad and they are very free with people.

In conclusion, the wearing of tattoos is seen as an act of indecency in some places and this makes people avoid conversing with them because they are scared to be harmed by them.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


The simplest answer is that humans overwhelmingly rely on their eyes as their main sense organs. So when someone has a tattoo on a part of their body that is visible, they will inevitably be treated slightly differently (on a subconscious level) than someone who does not.

It will depend a lot on the culture and the beliefs of the individual whether tattoos are seen as positive, neutral, or negative. For instance, in tribal/aboriginal cultures, tattoos often serve a spiritual purpose and will be seen positively by that culture. In others, it is more neutral or will depend on the individual's views.

In still other cultures, it will be viewed in a negative light for various reasons. I won't cover all the reasons for viewing tattoos negatively in this answer as it's a bit beyond the scope of this question. Some reasons could be: 

1)Tattoos can be seen as a form of self-harm/self-abuse by some.

2)Getting tattoos may go against one's spiritual beliefs because it is viewed as desecrating something sacred (the human body) which is already perfect.

3)People may have stereotypes that people with tattoos are more likely to be users of drugs, criminals, mentally unstable, and/or engage in other high-risk activities.

Some of this is based in reality, and some is based in ignorance: but let's remember, the main reason people with tattoos are treated differently is that they look different, which is the most important sensory data the brain uses to categorize and collate information about the physical world. To emerge from this prejudice requires significant mental effort for many. It's important that we treat all human beings with love and respect, regardless of what they look like, but that doesn't mean it is effortless to do so.


Some people used to believe people with tattoos are bad in character and conduct. Such people used to have the mindset that anyone who wears tattoo are bad people and this message is transmitted to other people which enables them have the same way of thinking.

Another popular saying that back this up is the popular statement which is "You will be addressed according to the way you dress". Most people often believe that irresponsible people are used to wearing tattoos which shows their level of immorality.

The sad fact is that not everyone wearing tattoo are really bad or irresponsible as some people view them. Some wear tattoo as a means of fashion for beautifying their skin.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to do justice to your question.


I have no tattoos, yet I've heard stories and seen it in advance and individual of somebody being abused/misconceived as a result of their tattoos,It's 

insane on the grounds that many individuals with tattoos are a portion of the best and most keen individuals that you'll ever meet. They may appear to 

be scaring all things considered, however in the event that you converse with them, you'll discover generally and see that each tattoo implies something essential to them.

The world (or united States of america) has been kind of molded to believe that tattoos are 

amateurish and an image of being a hooligan or something of the sort. Individuals in old occasions had tattoos and it wasn't met with the shame that it's met with now. A portion of the greatest fallen angels 

have nothing on their bodies, not by any means a penetrating, and don't get passed judgment on a similar way. It's pitiful truly. I seek it changes after the better.


Tatoo is a drawing that some have on the part of their body. It is very clear how people detest others with tatoo because of the set of people wearing it and how it has been turned to something else. Mostly those in the entertainment industry are fond of this drawings and if we look at their lifestyles and how they parade themselves,we begin to have a corrupt mind towards them, some change their entire look with this drawings and most times, what they draw are scary.so seeing anyone with tatoo will make us think of them with like mind which makes us begin to judge people seeing stereotype and not attitude.

However, People look at the tattoo wearers with an I'll feeling because most hooligans love it. They draw all sort of things on their body for self glorification.

The truth is that most people that draw tatoo see it as fashion, some feel confident putting it on. Some just love it because its beautiful and they want to have a piece of it.

I believe the reason for seeing people with tatoo as something else is because of the corrupt use of the fashion. It has been abused and most people feels that no decent person will follow such part knowing fully well how devilish the use has become.

The use of tatoo should not be used to judge the attitude of others. Some people just want to feel among, some just love it, its not everyone with tatoo that have bad attitude, some without it are worst. Its just how some bad eggs abused its use that corrupt peoples mind towards it. And as they say " Too much cook spoil the broth" If tatoo is moderately used, it wouldn't have been seen as something bad. Let's change our mindset. Anyone with moderate tattoo should not be concluded, there is more to everyone than the stereotype on them. Who knows, the person you detest wearing tattoo might be 200 times better in character. Don't judge people with what you see, you might be completely wrong.


It is all about culture in an area. Maybe in your area people who have tattoos are treated differently without knowing them is a thing done. But it is not in other countries.

I live in an place where I feel the same as your question. But I've seen a country that doesn't care of it at all. I've seen a place where they see tattoo as an art. I've seen a country that tattoo is a traditional thing that should be embedded on their body.

It is all about the culture of a place so if you see that people who have tattoos are treated differently, go to another place that treats people with tattoos as classy.