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Do you agree that everyone can be content creator with Steem?
I believe if you're working towards being a successful content creator within Steem DApps then should focus on one simple idea. Showing up every single day and doing the work and first and foremost if you never been a content creator before then it'll probably take some time to figure out your simple idea. When you show up and work the magic happens. One of friend who spend 12 months of creating various consistent youtube content before he found his simple idea. So within Steemit I see many people are creating content even though they never have any intention to become a content creator in the first place. But Thanks to the Steem DApps because they're helping us to find the right place to be. If you are a writer, write on SteemPress, Musing etc. If you are great at talking, do a podcast on Dsound... If you are someone who loves performing, do videos on Dlive or Dtube If you're foodie then use Tasteem, If you're good photographer then post on SteepShot and so on......

Like I tell people, there's a place for everyone on steemit decentralized platform. There are things that people are better at if they would just focus on that, improve on it and become better at it. Yes everyone can be a content Creator if they understand what aspects of content creation suits them best. We're not all gifted same way or skilled at same things. So it's important we know what we're better at. Not everyone is good at blogging, Vlogging of video graphing.

Content creation is the contribution of

information or ideas to any media and most especially to digital media for an end user or audience in specific contexts. Content usually have an expression some medium, as speech, writing or arts for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication.

Content creation is in several forms. Examples are blogging, vlogging or videography using steem supported apps like dlive, dtube or YouTube. Other aspects of content creation are photography, online commentary, websites maintenance/updates, maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media

Blogging is the act of creating content through writing or commenting. Usually, blogging is in written format. For most people, English is not their primary language or their first line of discipline and so they are not good at expressing themselves in ink and pen. A lot of persons have issues with grammatical constructions. They don't know the rule of English language and how to use punctuation marks correctly. I've seen a lot of posts on the steemit platform and i couldn't read through because of poor command of English. So for this class of people, blogging isn't for them. They can try creating content through other forms.

Vlogging is the art of creating contents using video formats. Some people are better speakers than writers. It comes naturally for them. They don't struggle to express themselves using their voices but may be poor at writing. Its best for these people to take advantage of videos and create whatever content they desire.

For others, they are excellent photographers. They know how to capture moments in cameras and make you see what they should have written or said in spoken words but because it isn't their areas of best performance, they are doing great at taking pictures. I've seen some user names on this platform. The only thing you find on their blog is pictures. Pictures have become their voices and trust me, they are making bucks of money here.

Others are creating content through music. They've taken advantage of dsound, found their niche and pitched their tents. Some people are cooks and caterers in the real world. All they have on their blog is food. For example is @gringalicious and @adoore-eu. They are always wetting people's appetite with pictures of food. Everyone has a place on steemit. Just find yourself and that place that suits you best.


This question didn’t need Steem. The Internet has democratized creation and (self) publication since more than a decade already.

Around 10-12 years ago, which was years after the popularity of Tripod, GeoCities and later MySpace, the Web 2.0 era truly kicked off and combined with ever cheaper Internet access, platforms like Blogger (blogspot), Flickr, Odeo (podcast platform pre-Twitter by Twitter founder Ev Williams), as well as the early days of YouTube made the UGC (User Generated Content) a reality for everyone. Even to those who didn’t want to invest in hosting their own site. In that same era WordPress.com also launched and allowed everyone to operate an own blog with without needing to use the then popular Blogger. Soon after Tumblr would also launch.

Obviously, the platforms mentioned are but the most popular ones and blogging was much older already. Before blogging it was already rather easy for forum operators to start a forum, most would use the excellent phpBB open source package, others would resort to the more platform/CMS focused open source PostNuke, while others would opt for paid platforms like vBulletin which came with a built-in CMS option.

It was around 2005-2007 though that faster Internet became more accessible and affordable to anyone. Combined with always more, and simpler to install platforms, the era of User Generated Content kicked off and everyone had options to become a creator.

Little later came Facebook, Twitter, YouTube went viral, and SoundCloud also became a mainstay.

Technically, the Internet is recursive and the Steem-ecosystem has started to replicate the history of the Internet. We are just past the MySpace era now, somewhere 2006-2007. We just had our own ‘Million Dollar Page’, SteemPixels some months ago.

Online... everyone can be a creator.


Yes definitely everyone can be a content creator because the STEEM dapps made this possible. If it were during the days when the dapps where not available I'd have said it's impossible, because steemit then was built to accommodate mainly the writers,

But with the inception of the dapps really everybody has a space no matter what they can so or not, be it singing performing, writing, or even writing reviews about food and restaurant or even photography.

And now most recently musing.io I however know that other dapps will surface and steemit will become even more decentralized by the day


I totally agree with everything you said above. Given enough time, anyone could become a decent-to-exceptional content creator here on Steem.

When I first stumbled upon the Steem platform, I honestly thought that this platform was not for me. I have no knowledge nor the experience needed in blogging and writing articles. I still remember back then during my first month of being a content creator wherein I still don't know how to properly format my posts and don't know how to correctly source the images that I am using. But over time, I learned many things due to my consistent blogging and writing. I might have even improved my writing and blogging skills here as I can now easily write a 500word article in less than an hour which honestly was very hard for me to achieve months ago. 

So yeah, I believe anyone can become a content creator in here if one is determined to be one. I even gained loyal followers turned friends in over half-a-year that I am in here. :)


Yes, I am totally agree with you and I am strongly believe that every body have a creative power. Somebody discovered their creativity and somebody uncovered their creativity.

So, let's try to do something, Let's go ahead. 



A very very wise man on steemit said everyone has something to offer (surpassinggoogle). I heard things when I newly joined steemit and was looking for what I could offer to the community since I don't draw, sing, play any instruments and I don't design. But what I could do was interact to people well, write on any topic, compose poems and am also good with technology. So I decided to give up it a try and see anyone that works for me. The first three worker that I didn't bother to try out the rest

If you try what I did and feel that you still have no talent pick something out and develop it. I f you still feel like you aint going anywhere. Thanks to steemit, there are different dapps out there (platforms associated with steemit where you participate and get rewarded in steem) try out each and everyone of them. Something must work out for.

Got off your lazy and try something new. Remember "everyone has something to offer "