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Does anyone know how to quickly open a new Steem account for a friend please?
One of the promises that came along with HF20 was the ability to quickly open new accounts as opposed to the ridiculous 2-week wait before HF20. I have yet seen no evidence of this and have a lot of friends waiting for accounts. Can anyone give me a clue as to how to do this, please?

At the moment, only developers and DApps have the ability to quickly open new Steem accounts without going through the usual channels like the Steemit faucet at signup.steemit.com or account creation services like AnonSteem. Regular users who don't want to wait for the 1 to week queue will have to pay the account creation fee. That's because the new account creation features built into Hardfork 20 are actually developments directed at DApp-based account creation and their future users.

Although Hardfork 20 has made it easier to create discounted and non-discounted accounts, the ability to perform these operations is still limited to DApps and other account creation services who have the ability to interact directly with the blockchain and perform the claim_account and create_claimed_account operations. 

What this means is that DApps like Musing.io could, for example, call the claim_account operation, which will give it tokens to create new accounts. Musing.io can then store these tokens so that when users like you and me go to Musing.io to open a Musing.io account, which is essentially a Steem account, we won't have to wait long because Musing.io can just use their stored tokens to quickly create a new account for us. No more need to wait for approval from the Steemit faucet. 

It's possible that someone will create a tool that will allow regular users to call the claim_account and create_claimed_account operations without going through a DApp. However, I haven't seen a tool like this, yet.

This is what the faster account creation under Hardfork 20 is. It's really an improvement directed toward DApps who want to build and onboard their own set of users, while leveraging their abundance of Resource Credits. 

So, what does this mean for Steemians who want to open new accounts for their friends as quickly as possible? I think the best solution for those who want to open an account quickly is still to pay for the new account creation fee and jump Steemit Inc.'s review queue. At least, until DApps can implement the new account creation system into their interface and allow a faster account creation through them. 


  1. Velocity Hardfork Account Creation Guidelines. https://www.steempeak.com/hf20/@steemitblog/velocity-hardfork-account-creation-guidelines/
  2. Steem Velocity Hardfork - Hardfork 20. https://www.steempeak.com/steem/@steemitblog/steem-velocity-hardfork-hardfork-20

Currently the fastest way to open a Steem account is to register for a paid Steem account. When you go to the sign-up page it shows two option - 'Free' and 'Third party/Paid'. The 'free option' would take 1-2 weeks of waiting time while the 'paid option' is instantaneous. When you choose the pay to sign up option, then you'll see this on screen:

 I think if you are already using steemconnect then it is the simplest  and the best way to create an account. Open this link  https://v2.steemconnect.com/accounts/create 


1. Fill in the name you want for your new account.

2. Be ABSOLUTELY sure to save that password very carefully at a safe place (if you loose it, you loose the account)

3.  Fill in "3.000 STEEM" as the fee (make sure that you have that liquid  steem in the account that you are using to log in from steem connect)

4, Press continue and log in from steemconnect to complete the transaction

5. You have your account

NOTE: As far as I know the promise of HF20 was of having the ability to get more accounts open. That was due to the scalability issues of the Steem Blockchain. This means that we have two advantages now:

1. Before the HF20 the number of Steem accounts that could be created were dependent on the number of Steem tokens in circulation. We can now have more accounts opened since now the account creation is subsidized by the blockchain. Basically as long as the witnesses think its safe to create more accounts, we can have as many as we need.

2. The Dapps are no longer dependent on steemit.com for account creation. 


Good thing with the new hardfork, we can easily create accounts without paying but we can only use our resource credits. 

Here's a blog post that will help you on it :   https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@reazuliqbal/steem-hf20-discounted-account-claim-and-creation-tool 

and if you wish the tutorial code on creating it, here it is also :   https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@mcfarhat/hf20-tutorial-claiming-and-creating-discounted-accounts-1538321171071 

Currently, I believe @blocktrades, @steemconnect and @anonsteem account creation is disabled because of the changes in Steem protocol with regards to account creation. If you wish a quick account creation, you can use the above links as a guide. 

Note : It consumes your resource credits.

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If you are willing to pay, when you start the sign up process you will be presented with these 3 options to open an account paying, it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes and 3 to 5 Steem, If you can afford to pay, Don't despair! head over to steem.chat and i'm pretty sure someone will help you out to sign up your friend as fast as possible!

As of now I'm now aware of anyone using the new RC system to open up accounts but the initial idea was supposed to be that the Steem Dapps with huge stakes leverage the system to their favor and sign up as many users as possible with their stakes! I'm sure that eventually every dapp will use it but for now, these are your alternatives! I hope this helps you out in your quest to enroll your friend into Steem!


There are a few different services, but with prior experience creating accounts, I would recommend utilizing the @steemmonsters account creation tool. 

I recommend this option because it comes with great support if something goes wrong. 

I recently created an account for a friend through the account creation service, and something went wrong, luckily @yabapmatt was able to help me. Had it not been for his support, I would have been out an account, and the money. 

If you utilize this method, it's easy, seamless, and comes with support. You really can't go wrong.