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What Android or iOS apps have you actually paid for and why please?
Have you bought and paid for any android or iOS apps? If so Id love to hear why and what you bought and if you think it was worth it please Thanks in advance :-)

When it comes to smartphones and android devices I am a bit of a geek and ever since  bought my first android smartphone I tried to make the max out of the experience and to make my gadgets run smooth and squeeze the most battery power out of them. For a few years I am a Samsung user and my last couple of Samsungs are the S7 and the S5 mini. In order to "keep them in shape" I did spent a few bucks on a couple of apps. 

One of them is Greenify which has a free version but with some limitations. Greenify is a dedicated app for saving battery on your smartphone by hibernating apps that run in the background and the great thing about it is that you can select what apps should be "greenified". The free version however does not support hibernation for system app so in order to be able to hibernate some of the system apps also I bought the pro pack which was about $1.5. I don't remember that exact amount but it was something around that sum. However it's worth the money as you will definitely see an increase in battery life by using it and it's great that it does everything in the background. 

You just set it up and leave it to work. So, yes it is definitely worth the money. The other one that I paid about two dollars I guess for it is BK Manager. An app specially created for Samsung devices that allows the user to disable bloatware from such devices. Samsung smartphones are famous for not being delivered with stock android and having a lot of bloatware and this app is absolutely perfect. Even a child can use it. You can either choose for disabling all bloatware or you can do that manually by examining the apps that you don't use and are working in the background consuming power resources and battery. I for example have disabled tons of them, like Gear VR and much more. It helps your device to run smoother and to increase your battery life. 

Combined with Greenify your smartphone will work like a charm and will have a long batter life. Without any regrets I can say that for my smartphone investing those few bucks in the two mentioned apps really made a difference in how it works. Definitely worth installing. If you have any troubles with using them feel free to comment on any post of mine and I will support you to set them up and improve your smartphone experience. 

Hope you found my answer helpful and wish you a great day! 


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To  be honest, I have never paid for any application before, and only use  the free version provided, or use applications that have been cracked  before (not recommended).

Well, there are several main applications available on my current Android smartphone:

1. Whatsapp

Because this is the most popular messenger application in my country, of course I also use it.

2. Root Explorer

I like this application because I can easily explore file systems, modify them, and make any changes. Well, you must have root access first.

3. Lucky Patcher

My flagship application for making paid apps is free, and for game cheats (not recommended for you).

4. HTTP Injector

Well, in Indonesia, I can modify the header / request for free internet access.


Oh yeah, I just remembered that there was one application that I had bought, namely "Poweramp Media Player". The music player application with the best equalizer settings I've ever found. This is highly recommended for you. 


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Basically, I am not a Android users now Because, My phone has been broken last month and I will not want to buy a new one and now I am using Computer I mean PC, But I will tell my last month used app on Android I was using Esteem, Steemhunt, King Root, Wifi Analyzer, ES file Explorer and etc, I was using Esteem app to publish my post of steemit because when we post something through esteem we will get upvote from @Esteem and it will also depend on your Post, Steemhunt app I was also used it because when My PC is not free I just check out my ranking via steemhunt application and that was so easy,  Wifi analyzer Last time My net speed becomes very slow and I think some using My Wifi so I just check out the connected users through my wifi, ES File Explorer is one of the good apps to store your device documents app and music, It is easy to use and efficient. 

Thanks for your Question!  :simley: