What are the biggest problems that the human race faces in terms of peace and equality?
I'm just trying to write a large blog post and wanted some input from people about the issues humans face in getting along with each other. Thanks for your help!
Peace-When you look at the larger Picture the basic point of dispute between two countries is natural resources be it land, oil, coal, water etc. Two countries are bound to have conflict as long as there is uneven distribution of natural resources between them. The basic reason for the entire gulf countries to be embroiled in dispute is the abundance of Oil in them. Every world power wants a share of their natural resources resulting in war & chaos.(Iraq, Syria ,Libya Etc). The selfishness of all race's becomes apparent when you start looking at the economic side of the conflict.

The Human race is divided into a lot of subcategories, each race has its own agenda. Be it the Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Africans etc all of them have a certain sense of preference for their own Race. As a result no one Race can think with neutrality about the problems of the other Race.This selfishness clubbed together with uneven distribution of natural resources is the biggest problem in resolving world peace.

Equality -By equality if you mean equal rights as a human, it is achievable and is infact a common commodity in today's world. But if you imply economic equality it most certainly is impossible to achieve as different Humans have different levels of Intelligence. The more intelligent you are the more economic prosperous you become. Thereby the economic disparity that has existed since the dark ages will always exist. You can provide everyone an equal opportunity to flourish but you cannot make everyone flourish.
Peace and equality can be sometime be relative
And what you use as a defintion of peace
Might be different from what another person
Might count as the true defintion of peace
But one thing is certain which is that every
Right thinking person would prefer peace than
War,every right thinking person would want peace

Now i feel the problems that the human race faces concerning peace is the fact that we
Now have alot of psychos in the society,these
Psychos do not believe in peace,they believe that
Peace is not right and that crime or war is the
Best way a society can develop to become better and such people are the reasons why there are troubles in the world and something urgent needs to be done to make them realize how very wrong they are

And as regards to equality,i believe that as long
As many people still do not show love to each other and believe in peaceful accord then equality will not be established because someone that do not respect you will definitely not care about equality neither will they care about peace
Our individual and collective narcissism that creates imbalances in the ecosystem we all share.
For Peace, usually Racism, Sexism, Skin Color and Religion are one of the reasons that divide the human race for some political or personal gain.

As for Equality, I would say the mentality of an individual or community that has been causing this problem.
I believe that peace can be achieved in the society if everyone love and respect each other,the problem in this world is that many people do not genuinely love and respect each other and that is why many people do hurt each other and at the end of the day it negatively affects the society

Concerning equality i still believe that equality is not the problem in the society,if people respect each other then the demand for equality would not come into existence in the first place,i do hear alot of women these days screaming for equality but the thing there is that equality would not bother them if they had gotten the respect they needed from the opposite sex

I believe that the world will be a better place if people show love and respect to each other
Peace is something that ought not to be negotiable,peace is something that every sane person would want to associate with,it is very

crazy and annoying whenever i discover that there are some certain group of people that do

not love peace,infact they get pissed whenever they see the world becoming peaceful,it is really

sad actually but i believe that the big problems are facing in terms of peace is the lack of genuine

lobe amongst each other which should start from each home...