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I'd love to hear stories about what happened on your first date please?
I'd love to hear the stories of your first dates please. Was ita success? Did you go on to marry your first date? Or was it a complete and utter disaster and you hated them? Looking forward to you all sharing your great stories :-)

Hahaha oh man. I had a particularly strange and memorable one. It's somewhat hard to talk about due to certain circumstances but it's pretty damn funny so here we go. 

I was young, 13 to be exact, and was out on a date with a 15 year old girl who I knew through her sister. It wasn't as strange as it sounds- I was a pretty tall and punky 13 year old so I guess I didn't seem as though I was 13. I think I may have even lied about my age at the time come to think of it. Anyways, seeing as neither of us could drive, her older sister chauffeured us to a restaurant in their hometown and dropped us off. It was one of those classic Italian restaurants that pretended to be a lot better than it was simply because the chef was Italian. 

So, I had pretty long hair at the time. Like a little longer than shoulder length, or maybe just shoulder length; whatever. Either way, about halfway through the dinner, in what at the time I thought was a pretty cool move, I leaned over the table to wipe some food off her face. While I was doing so, I managed to put my hair directly in one of the candles on the table. I didn't notice at first and she tried to tell me, but she couldn't handle it and was just stifling laughter to hard to actually say anything about it while I sat/stood there, leaning over, asking what she was laughing at. 

I ended up burning off a decent amount of hair. The date ended with a haircut and a pretty meaningful relationship. It didn't last, though. 


 Well, I have a story ... I used to go out with a boy, who on my first date invited me to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city He has a lot of money, and I could enjoy many luxuries, but when I really met the boy, I discovered that he is a real lout.

It's one of those guys who have a lot of women, and who think that for their money they can have everything they want and they really do not value women

Even on a date he took a friend and his girlfriend ...  the girl was always looking at him, and chatting with him , and guess... then the girl confessed to me that day in front of the two boys that she had been the reason my ex-boyfriend had broken up with me. Reason why the appointment was terminated and it was very uncomfortable

But that is not the worst ...my stupid date became boyfriend of her a month later... I must say that the appointment was a total disaster and the environment was uncomfortable, and now I understand why HAHAHA

But then I met my current boyfriend who is the perfect boy, he treats me like a princess, he's a real gentleman.

so girls from all over the world, NEVER go out with a slob, it's not worth it, we all deserve that gentleman who treats us like ladies and princesses


I had this crush on one of my college classmate, i didn't really thought of pursuing this feeling as he is very popular with other students and i'm just an ordinary girl far from those very pretty ones.

A year after tho, during christmas break he told me he was going to watch a movie. Well I haven't watch that movie but I was planning to so we decided to watch it together. No malice on my side, I just really want to watch that movie. Hahahah

So while we were inside the theater, he told me he was very cold. But me on the other hand realizing "oops we are watching together, just the two of us. No no no this is not a date" got shy and my body got hot like fire, i think im blushing at that time and embarrassed. So i told him, "do you know that our neck produce high temperature so i guess if you place your palm on your neck you would feel less cold" but then he reach out for my hand and held it saying "this is much better" and i'm like what the hell !!are you trying to sway me, i'm moving on from having a crush on you and this is what you are gonna do.

So long story short, we held hands until it's time to go home and he sent me to the trike station. We dated after a month of several dates. Buuuuut nope, we're not together anymore hahahahahaha


My first date was not at all intriguing. It was nothing compared to what I had imagined. I've seen movies, I've read books and I was looking forward to a thrilling super exciting moments. I had turned down lots of invitation from him already. So, I decided to honour this one.

Guess what? The location was his house. My goodness, what happened to the culture of taking a girl to a nice and cozy restaurant, to the beach and other fine places in my imagination. I tried to understand with him because he was in a downturn financially.

So my host decided to prepare me some meal. Jellof Spaghetti. I was going to decline and tell him not to bother but he wasn't happy that I was refusing every of his suggestions. So I told him to go ahead with the meal...

A second shocker of a life time. He made the spaghetti with shear butter instead of vegetable oil. It had a bitter taste and I couldn't eat it. I was all embarrassed but I was acting up. He apologized profusely that he didn't know, he prolly took the wrong bottle of oil. That's an experience I will never forget.

I appreciated the kind gesture and efforts. Anyone could make mistakes you know. We were together for a while but it was obvious from the start that there was no home coming for this relationship.


My first date was about eleven years ago and it

was a funny and sad experience,so here i was

on a date with this beautiful lady whom i met

during my early days in the university

We decided to go have a dinner at a very lovely restaurant though an expensive one,so i ordered

for our food after i already asked her what she

wanted to eat,my maximum budget for that dinner is 100$ and all the amount i had in my pocket was around 140$ so i was comfortable that all is well...so after we

ordered for our foods we started discussing and eating,so after some minutes while i was still eating the beautiful lady i was on a date with was already through

with her meal and guess what??she ordered for another plate,,i was surprised becuse the meal we ordered was dished in a large quantity and you will get your stomach

very filled up even before finishing the food,i was surprised when she finished eating the food and

ordered for another meal without seeking my permission,but i still kept my cool because she is a beautful lady i had always wanted to go on a date with

so i kept quiet and tried to take my mind off what she just did,but i never knew that it was still a tip of the ice-berg until she finished the second meal and while i was trying to pay for meal she ordered another two plates of

food and two cups of ice-cream and she said she wants to give them to her friends....luckily for me the total bill was around 135$ and i was able to pay for all the meal...i

felt dissapointed with her and after the date i stopped calling her and lost interest in her totally,she was a glutton and also she lacks etiquette and she is not polite so i was totally turned off....