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What's the best $20 (or your currency's equivalent) you've ever spent?
I would love to hear about the best ways you've spent $20. What it was on, why you spent it and why it was such a good purchase or benefit!! I'm hoping for some really fun answers here so go for it Musians!! Let's see if we can make this the most answered question ever :-)

Well well, in my country the dollar currency is not the official currency but in an attempt to answer your question, I'd covert the $20 to my country's official currency worth and as at today that would be somewhere around 7000 naira.

The best $20(7000 naira) I've ever spent was spent on getting a recording device for my journalism work.

It's a video camera eye glasses that allows me to perform the work of an investigative reporter undetected. And as you know anonymity to a large extent is key in investigative reporting.

Although, I'm still a student in this aspect of journalism but having this gadget is giving me an edge over my peers, I could get the stories from people who would not be willing to talk if they have the idea that they are being interviewed but what I do is just strike a normal conversation tilted towards the subject of focus while my recording glasses captures the video and the audio without the awareness of the person because it's a normal eye glass on the outside.

In a nutshell, since I spent this money to advance my career and professionalism in my chosen field of journalism I think that's the best $20 I have spent because it's an investment into my career and future with a massive ROI when the time comes.


The best 20$, or the equivalent of $20, that I ever spent on something was a trimmer. I was somehow forced to do that because I moved to a more expensive city and I had as usually to trim my hair about two to three times a month and it would cost me some good amount of money. Having a trimmer at hand and the guts to trim my hair by myself it was perfect. I have even now after about six years that trimmer and still do my hair by myself. This is really my best $20 spent that helped my save a lot of money and time by not gong to hair salons anymore. 

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 The best thing I've ever done with $ 20 is to give it to "street singers" who look very hungry. I use the money to buy food, drinks, and give the rest of the money to go home. 

 Charity of good deeds will always be pleasant. 

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