When you die, what would you like to be engraved on your tombstone?
When you die, how would you want to be remembered in an engraving on your tombstone or memorial? A quality you had ? or perhaps a witty one-liner? Let's have some suggestions please Muselis :-)
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Thank you @nathen007 for your thought provoking question. I have actually never given this question much thought, but was compelled to do so once I stumbled upon it.

Traditionally, many loved ones will have the deceased’s name, date of birth, date of death and a short epitaph that the next of kin selects. However, some individuals will request that a certain saying, a poem or a scripture be engraved on their headstone.

Here are some examples that I have seen to commemorate a person:

• In Loving Memory

• Always In Our Hearts

• Gone But Never Forgotten

• Rest In Peace

Some individuals also put humorous saying on their headstones like, “I Told You I Was Sick.”

Many people of Christian faith will inscribe a scripture from the Bible. A favorite scripture that is engraved is:

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 (NIV)

Here are my thoughts. Since I have been known to be controlling at times and have already written my own obituary, prepared my will and left some minor instructions, I think on this action item, I would let my family decide. My family will grade my final report card and perhaps write an inscription that best represents how they remembered me.

One last note...my late father used to say all the time, even when he was sick unto death, “I am doing fine.” My family all agreed that this was the saying that we wanted to use and best described him because he was a positive person until the day he died.

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I have asked my family to cremate me and throw my ashes into the Cariaco Golf, if I am still in Venezuela when I die, but I know they won't do it. So, in case I die here and they burry me in this catholic cemetery with huge monuments on the tombs, etc., we may as well use the space.

They may write something like

Here lies a man who trully believed in a perfect world. A world without wars, hunger or poverty; a man who honestly thought he was good and did his best to always do the right thing; a man who loved passionately, gave generously and forgave every offense; a man who knew also that he as imperfect, and therefore ackowldged his imperfections, but tried to improve every day and learned from his mistakes; a man who, despite not having achieved perfection felt the journey was worth the while by just trying. 

PS. Here also lies a man who hated evil with all his might and would have erradcated it had he had the power to do so, even if that meant to have become Thanos!

Would it really matter?

I often think that the writings on the tombstones are made just to make those that left behind feel better...

Hi, bye.

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The following inscription: Nice try. Good luck next time..

My name, date of birth and death would be more than enough. However, I can tell you interesting things about this.

A friend of mine on Steemit has a cemetery photography challenge and I've been to a cemetery a couple of times to take some shots for the challenge.

This cemetery I'm talking about is old, I've been able to find graves dating back to the 16th century and you would be amazed how interesting those headstones they were.

Cemeteries are historical proofs of the past. Those headstones can prove that those people had lived there. The problem starts when these old headstones are destroyed or moved due to lack of space.

I've seen some very old language engraved on those stones, and the most interesting thing was that each headstone contained a short presentation of the life and work of the person buried there. Those habits are long gone, a headstone can cost a lot these days, so I guess the shorter the text, the better.

There's another aspect to be considered. A headstone or an engraving won't change anything, your legacy however will be remembered if you were a good person.

I do not care about such things. I'm not interested in things like legacy because, it might sound strange, but I don't care if I am remembered by the world. The most important thing is that I live a life worth living and impact the lives of the people around me. If I'm remembered fine, if not, then it does really matter because with or without me the world continues. My part is to contribute positively to that moving force that keeps the universe going.

So to answer your question: nothing. I rather not even have a tombstone. Maybe they can cremate my body and spread my ashes around the world, I will like that. Sounds cool to me

I would probably want to be cremated and have a tree planted on my ashes, or something gay like that.

Never thought about any quote or sentence for a gravestone. 

Maybe, hmmm...

"Father, Brother, Husband, Friend, Son, Troll."

Lazy enough?

I don't plan to be buried and won't be having a grave stone. I think it is a waste of land that could be used for something else.

The ones that know me will remember me for what I stood for and nothing else has any meaning. I hope to leave happiness behind and a smile on peoples faces. I don't want people to be sad ,but more blessed that I was a part of their lives.

"Left without leaving an address. "


"We were what you are, will be what we are. "

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Finally someone who snswers my question!

Good answers lol, just the sort of thing I was looking for!

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