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Will Steem price rise again?
A lot of people are throwing in the towel on whether steem price will rise, some are even pausing on the blockchain because in their opinion is soo bad, what do you think? would Steem price rise anytime soon? What do you suggest these individuals do until then?

The price of Steem will rise most definitely.

It is one of a few cryptocurrecies that has  a real purpose and is used everyday. I am bullish on it's price and it is not about today but next year and the year after.

I can see a bright future and I don't waste any opportunity so I will post everyday no matter what the price is. If I make 10 c it is 10 c I didn't have yesterday and that is still growth.

The ones that have left or paused doing anything on the block chain are just greedy and don't understand the bigger picture. The more SP you hold the better. When the Steem currency turns and climbs the growth period that we have experienced will be over. The low payouts we experienced were not bad as they were all in Steem for a period of time which is fantastic for powering up.

Smt's are coming in March and who knows what is going to happen. Will the Dapps lease Resource Credits from users. It is a possibility and you wouldn't lose your voting power. There are lots of scenarios but i am not sad that people have paused their activity as it has made it a lot easier to earn SP.

Steem is so undervalued in my opinion that it should at least be in double figures and I think it will when the bull run starts again.


The price of steem will most certainly rise again, that's a fact, the year is drawing to a close and if previous years are anything to go by, then the price of steem will definitely rise between now and the end of the year. It's even possible that we might see a new ATH this year.

Don't forget that SMTs will be announced in January and this will bring greatly increase the price of steem because the demand for steem will increase.

My advice to people is to stay strong, hodl for now and wait for the price to go up. You're already at the end of the road, there's absolutely no need to give up now. Steem may even moon, you never know what could happen next in the cryptomarket.