Is there any possibility of bitcoin rising again?

Yes, there are strong possibility that Bitcoin will rise again. Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has the biggest market. In the next month, BAKKT will start trading Bitcoin.

That will help Bitcoin get higher price. BAKKT will give Bitcoin more exposure to the mainstream financial world. That will bring value for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin went down very low because Bitcoin Cash civil war led to a lot of panic selling. When the panic seller buy back, the price will go back up.

Bitcoin is also getting institutional investments which help with price. Overall, Bitcoin is still going well.


There are many possible factors through which bitcoin will rise again. At the moment this is purely manipulated by the big whales in the market. Moreover, if they wish than only the price of bitcoin will rise again. There are many other possibilities by the launching of many big platforms which can give big investors or the institutional investor to take interest in cryptocurrency. The upcoming platform for Bakkt and Nasdaq  will be one of the reason for the price to be pumped at a new all time high.

Than after there is a approval of ETF which is 90% confirm to be approved and the new futures will be introduce and the price will shoot up like the same as happen in gold and Nifty. So there are many big things in 2019 going to happen and due to this reasons the price will be 100% manipulated and i think 2019 will be the biggest pump in the history of bitcoin. So hold your coins tightly and never sell them on loss.