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How do i secure my funds on the blockchain?

The blockchain itself is a very safe type of database which is almost impossible to hack. When someone gets hacked it's always the wallet keys that get stolen or a third party that get's hacked like an exchange. There are different ways to store your cryptocurrency:

  • Store your funds on an exchange.
  • Online wallets
  • PC wallets
  • Hardware wallets
  • Paper wallet

Using an exchange or online wallet gives you the most convenience since it's the fastest way to make transactions but it's not a safe way to store your cryptocurrency. The chance to get hacked is the highest. It's not recommended to store a lot of cryptocurrency on an exchange, especially when you don't trade often and there is no need to.

A wallet on your computer is safer than an online wallet since you can control the level of security yourself. But it's not recommended to store a lot of cryptocurrency on your personal computer. Since your computer is connected to the internet it can in theory get hacked. 

The most secure way to store your cryptocurrency is offline storage on a hardware or paper wallet.  Since this type of wallet is not connected to the internet you have no risk at all to get hacked. The disadvantage is that you can't trade easily. 

My favourite hardware wallet is the ledger nano. (https://amzn.to/2SuoNfz) Most people i know that HODL crypto use it to store their keys. It's simple ,very secure and affordable.



The very best way for you to secure your Cryptocurrencies will be to get a Cold Wallet or Hardware Wallet. There are several Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets available nowadays among them Ledger and Trezor are the most popular ones.

If you are wondering what Hardware Wallets are then let me explain it to you. Hardware Wallets are special types of Wallets which store your Private Keys in the Hardware itself which is always disconnected from the Internet unless you want it to.

Now Paper Wallets can also be a safe bet to store your Cryptocurrencies but it is definitely not safer than a Hardware Wallet and as for PC Wallets, those could be accessed if you are online all the Time and someone with Malicious Intent knows you have such Cryptocurrencies.

Although the Blockchain itself is pretty much unhackable the rest of the products like Wallets and Private Keys are not so you need to store them safely.


This is a good question and it is important to remember that there is a lot of loss of funds caused by hackers.

Okay, this time I will try to provide data security tips on the blockhain wallet account to be safe from hackers. This step and method will at least reduce the movement of the hackers, considering installing dual security will not make your account safe from hackers, all you have to be aware of is an attack from spyware.

What is spyware? 

it is a spy application that installs every log send to the software maker. Spyware is usually downloaded on the application you are downloading. So, you don't arbitrarily download and install software that isn't clear, try downloading software from a trusted source.

Let's continue to the tutorial how to make wallet accounts on the blockchain secure.

The first step is you log in to your Blockchain account. Then after logging in, you enable two-step security verification, being able to use the Google Authentication application will be safer.

If you have an Android Smartphone this is great for security. After entering the account rules, then click the tab - security - select in the Two Factors Verification section - Select Google Authentication, a Barcode will appear, and it must be scanned using your Android, but if you haven't installed the application on your android, first You have to install Google Authentication. And it can be downloaded on Google Playstore, Iphone AppStore, Blackberry World for BlackBerry.

How to easily scan it, just open the Google Authentication application that has been installed, then select - Set up an account - Scan the barcode and attach your camera to the barcode and the authy code appears on Google Authentication on your smartphone.

Look at the code that appears on the application and enter it in the field on the blockchain under the barcode.

After that, press enter on the keyboard, and see your blockchain account and it is quite safe, every time you want to log in to your blockchain account you will be asked to enter a verification code that can be seen in Google Authentication on your Smartphone.

This method makes your account safer and can minimize hackers' movements to steal your funds.


Take care of the Smartphone that you can use for the blockchain not to be lost or damaged which causes your Smartphone to be inaccessible. If it's lost, then you should contact the Blockchain staff to reset authy to your account. But you can also enter the Google authy reset requirement on the blockchain (16 digit secret code or backup), and if the data you fill in is correct, then Google Authy in your account will be removed in the sense that you can access your account again.