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Why does the rich continue to be richer and the poor poorer?

I think there are various reasons why rich people tend to get even richer. I think a lot has to do with the right mindset. If you are surrounded by negative attitudes of other people who will constantly tell you that they have never any luck and that they will never ever getting out of poverty and that the world is always against them then guess what...

They will most likely stuck in poverty and not only because of external factors like unfair pay etc. Don‘t get me wrong here....there is a lot of unfairness in the world. But it won‘t help if one only stays focused on that. Nobody ever said that it is easy to get out of poverty. It needs a lot of determination, thinking outside the box, creativity, good ideas, the ability to recognize opportunities and chances and that possibly in an environment which tends to surround you with negativity. There are a lot of selfhelp books out there which adress that kind of mindset and how to motivate oneself. The right mindset can not help one get out of poverty but also to be more successful and happy with regard to other important topics in life.

The right mindset is it what enables rich people not only to increase their wealth but also to keep it. They increase their money and minimiue their losses. That works not always but on the longterm it does. That is important. Take for instance a lottery winner who all of a sudden has so much money he probably never had before and blows all of it because of the wrong mindset and this a lack of knowledge about finances and investment. In order to keep and increase wealth one needs to invest and that as wisely as possible. One needs to educate oneself about the right forms of investment. And again one should not listen or at least not too much to those naysayers who try to belittle ones ideas and visions. summed up one could say: Believe in yourself. Stay focused. Stay positive and optimistic. Educate yourself.

I wish you a happy and healthy and good and successful new year for yourself and your loved ones! Be blessed :)


Well, the rich most times keep getting richer because they have more money and more investment which keeps bringing in more money while most times the poor keep getting poorer because they have very little and if the economy is not favourable they keep going down the drain and keep getting poorer.

It's mostly based on a country's economy.


Economy of Scale


Because this world is so fucked up. Many people don't have the chance to enjoy life or even live their lives properly because of (the lack of) money.