Do horoscopes really tell future?

Horoscopes are kept so vague that they can be relevant to anyone’s life. Today's horoscope for a Gemini will be very general that anyone can feel as if it was true. We have 7 billion human beings, millions must have the same zodiac sign, but obviously none have the future. So horoscopes does not tell the future.

According to a study(1), 58 per cent of 18-24-year-old Americans believe in horoscope through astrology is scientific. Actually, astrology is not a science; there’s no evidence that one’s zodiac sign actually correlates to personality. But the system has its own sort of logic. 

Astrology expresses complex ideas about personality, life, fate and relationship patterns through placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets within 12 sections of the sky—the signs of the zodiac or horoscopes. Astrologers will try to boil down these giant concepts into digestible pieces of knowledge which ended up in horoscope readings.

Astrology offers information and assurance about the future, for those in crisis the comfort of imagining a better future , and a way to feel connected to the entire cosmos.  Psychologically horoscope can be useful as a coping mechanism or a painkiller, which doesn't cure the real pain.



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 I feel that horoscopes are really capable of telling the character of a person and also the future of the person to some extent. We cannot be able to completely rely on horoscopes for everything. Predicting future is definitely not an easy task. It requires lots of parameters apart from the time and date of birth. Modern astrologers think that only time and date is enough to predict someone's character and tell their future. It can work to some extent but it will not be 100 % perfect. If you look at the parameters that are used to predict the future using horoscopes, it is quite similar to what is being practiced in many part of the world. From what we see, it looks like there is definitely a strong science behind these predictions apart from the beliefs people have on these. 

India is one of the country with strong astrologers for several centuries. Some of the people are still there in India with great source of knowledge and someone with astrology as their family tradition. Some people are very orthodox that they don't usually say their predictions to everyone. They choose people and share the information with only few people. Such astrologers use Indian calendars for calculating and making predictions. There is a high possibility that it can even fail but in most of the cases it works really well. 

I feel that astrology is something that requires proper learning. Today the modern astrologers lack lots of knowledge about various things and make easy mistakes. Just because there are many fake astrologers and fake predictions, people blame astrology and say that it is all fake. Even today we have been able to predict some of the natural occurrences clearly. Few years back when a mega flood happened in Chennai, one of the astrological calendar predicted that there is going to be a huge natural calamity and it happened as it is. 

If you would like to know the future, you have to visit the right astrologer. And if the person is a true astrologer they will not simply predict everything and say everything about you. They will be able to say any information only with maximum percentage of accuracy. Choosing the right astrologer is important if you would like to know more details about your life. If you end up going to a fake astrologer, you will obviously lose interest towards astrology and you will start blaming that astrology itself is complete humbug. 

In olden days the predictions used to happen only for the kingdom and for the Kings. Individuals inside a kingdom will not usually be curious to know what their future would be. Predictions were used during marriages to match the horoscope of bride and groom. Other than that horoscopes were never used. But today the situation is quite opposite. People are very curious to know what will happen next in their life. If they are planning to buy a car, they immediately go to an astrologer to know if it is the right time to buy a car or not. For every single incident that happens in the life of a person, they end up going to astrologers. This is something that I'm not really comfortable with. 

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No. They never do and they are told vague enough to be free for everyone's interpretation. Notice that most of the statements found in horoscopes are not as specific enough but mere cold reading. These are meant for a wider audience but never for your own individual use. Some events may come true by coincidence but it's all hit or miss. Let's say you are a Libra, the statements found about Aquarius' future can also be applied to you. There's no real science behind horoscopes. 


I don't know about astrology on global level but I can tell you how its goes and how it is calculated. I live in India and a large part of population around 90% do believe in astrology or work as per their day's horoscope. At individual level I don't believe much in astrology or horoscope .In India astrologer or horoscope tellers actually calculate or predicate on basis of stars and planets. To give it a logical touch they use some historic data for astrology from mythology or ancient books that defines certain rules. Now what they do is compare both the day or time and predicates that whether the thing is good for you or not.

This question requires a subject matter expert and luckily I know one on this platform --> @enchantedspirit . Now I am not going to say anything much as I am not the one who has any knowledge of horoscope or astrology but she can throw a light on this topic.

Personally I feel that a day is fill with everything and things that are happening are kinda surprising however sometime even you can predict it like if you don't do it in this way then this thing can happen and based on higher probabilities the one with higher chances is picked. 

Horoscope can't tell you the future but a glimpse of upcoming events from future! That's all I know, I am again tagging the SME so we can all have a view from her too.



Does the horoscope really tell the future?

In my opinion, horoscopes don't really do that, and don't properly tell the same as what humans experience for the future.

Maybe we ourselves have fun to find out whether our traits match what we are estimating.

In fact until now, no one has been able to prove scientifically that horoscopes affect our traits and life in the future.

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Perhaps it depends on which horoscope you look into. I do not think the 12 zodiac horoscopes are true as they can only be general predictions. When you read it, you can either make it true or not, it may also be up to you. 

As for the Chinese zodiac, I think it's more possible that it can tell the future. But wait... really, I think any horoscope can be a self-fulfilling prophecy of some sort. Nobody really knows what the future holds. 

Take for example, as a kid I was told by someone to enroll in Fine Arts when I grow up (perhaps because I was always doodling and such at a young age). I didn't know what it was then but heck I did finish that course because I like drawing. Same thing with if you read something foretelling you to do something, you might do it eventually depending on your personality. So for me horoscopes don't really help us much unless we think it should.

But of course believing in something beyond us is always a fascinating thing for everyone. Must be why we like reading about horoscopes that much.


No. Horoscopes are just an old superstition. The theory as to how celestial bodies determine the fate of humans makes zero sense. The funny thing is that the position of the stars in the sky is not even constant but slowly changes. The vast majority of astrological predictions are off the mark for that reason alone. 

Astrology is just one in the long line of methods humans have tried in a futile attempt at controlling random chance. The only thing that somewhat works is doing the hard science to understand how the universe really works. That allows  some control over some natural processes and a more safe and secure life. But nothing in life comes guaranteed.


No I don‘t think so. Horoscopes cannot tell you anything about your future. They are unscientific. When you read a horoscope then you will find inevitably something you can relate to and then you might believe in them. But that is more by accident. I think it might become a problem if people start to act the same way the horoscope tells them. Then the horoscope becomes some sort of a self fulfilling prophecy. Only because horoscopes are around for millenia it does not mean they are true. At some point in history people used to believe that the earth might be flat too. That is nonense as well. Same goes for horoscopes.


Ok so horoscopes don't tell the future. Nothing does, however, just like scientists are able to make an informed guess or predict global warming, astrology attempts to make an relatively less informed guess about your future life. The gravitational pull of planets, and other heavenly bodies should have an impact on your mental state. I don't know if there is a scientific study done on that. However, i doubt if a strong link can be established between the two without taking care of other life factors. Astrology has a long history, so i think it is based on observations made over time and it tries to extrapolate those observations to "predict".

It can surely influence one's future since those who believe in it will be affected psychologically by what they hear till they make what may be BS a self fulfilling prophecy. They help people get through bad times and not get over confident during good times. But no they dont predict anything. The idea is that gravity will affect your mood and hence your decision making and outcomes. That can have effects on health and wealth as well.


No they do not. Horoscopes simply make wide exaggerations and feed into people's fear, beliefs, hopes and perceived (generalized) sense of self. There is no scientific or psychological proof to what they write in them. Just some bullshit and more bullshit.


No, they area  generic reading and people that believe in them make it fit their reality. There is no way a horoscope could cover every single person with that Zodiac sign. You would be talking about millions of people having the same thing happening to them on the same day. That is just not possible.


Statements and opinions that are not falsifiable are not carrying much value beyond entertainment. At best they make you think about your situation. That is their real value. Take the time to think about your path and remember: nobody except yourself will ever know your path. If you don’t know nobody knows and it’s the time to wait and drink some tea.


Yes, i think so because I believe in horoscope. It exactly tells something about in future. And some things are same happen into my life. I checked it on my horoscope. It seems interesting for me. I never skip to watching on my future predictins.

Some things are the same or some are not. But If you believe on horoscops then you will definately will achieve something great in life 😊😊


According to the Indonesian dictionary, the word horoscope means "an observition the position of stars at a certain time, such as on a person's birthday, with the aim of predicting his future; or it can be interpreted as" a star's birth map, which shows the position of the stars ".

Whereas in astrology, horoscope is a chart or diagram that describes the position of the Sun, moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the birth of a child.

The word horoscope comes from Greek, horoskopos (plural: horoskopoi) which means "observe", "check time", clock, or "sign (signs) hour". This word is used as a method of divination regarding events related to certain times described in the basics of horoscopic astrology. [Source: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horoskop]

In daily use horoscopes are often associated with the interpretation of the astrologer, which is usually carried out through a system of astrological symbols.

Horoscope has become a modern "lifestyle" of young people now. Especially for young women. However, it would be nice if we (Muslim) review this horoscope based on Islamic Shari'a.

1. Star Prediction Including Astronomy/Astrology

Zodiac is a person's star which is based on the position of the sun on a constellation when the person is born. The zodiac known as the astrological symbol consists of 12 constellations, that are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

This zodiac is commonly used as a prediction of one's destiny, which is a prediction based on the position of solar system objects in the zodiac. In Islam, the zodiac is included in astrology.

2. Horoscope is Magic

In the hadith of the prophet it is mentioned that: "Whoever learns the science of astrology means that he has learned the branch of magic, if it increases the knowledge of astrology, then the magic will increase." (HR Ahmad with sanad hasan).

This hadith clearly and explicitly states that astrology (which is included in this case is horoscope) is part of magic. Even the Messenger of Allah stated that if his astrology increased, then this would mean increasing the magic that the person learned.

Whereas the law of magic itself is unclean and includes paganism, as Allah says in Al-Qur'an.  Al Baqarah: 102.

Horoscope = Knowing the Unseen

Someone who believes in horoscope, directly or indirectly states that there are substances other than Allah who know occult matters. Even though Allah has affirmed in the Qur'an that no one knows anything that is unseen except Him. Allah says which means: "Say: There is no one in the heavens and on earth who knows things that are unseen, except Allah." (Qs. An Naml: 65).

In another verse, Allah confirms that no one can know what will happen tomorrow, as He said which means "Verily Allah, only on His side is knowledge of the Day of Judgment; and it is He who sends down rain, and knows what is in the womb. and no one can know (for sure) what he will do tomorrow. and no one can know where on earth he will die. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing "(Surat Luqman: 34).

So, the claim that someone knows the occult other than Allah is disbelief (out of Islam).

The future is something unknown (unseen), so from this I do not believe that horoscopes are able to see one's future.

We as humans should not step into the realm of God. We better try and try to do things in a better direction without clashing with divine values. Everything has been determined by God, how is our future. As human beings who obey God, do what according to you good and useful for the people. We can only try, the final decision is only on God.



No. That’s not at all the point, and anyone who thinks so is misinformed.

They may accurate FORECAST certain energetic/archetypal forces at play... though comparatively, a weather forecast for RAIN does not dictate anyone will slip and fall in a puddle; it might, however, give one a head’s up that IF they choose to leave the house, it might be wise to take an unbrella and wear suitable footwear - or in the case of an extreme storm, not leave the house until it passes.


I checked the horoscope for Virgo, and I hope it is. Today's horoscope is speaking about my recent past, my present, and my future as well. The recent past and the present part is actually/really true.


So horoscopes are utter BS. Whether it be sun sign, moon sign, face, palm, numbers and whatever other retarded thing people have come up with. We all want certainty in life and therefore worry about the future and want to know what the future will bring to us. That is why we have so many people going to fortune tellers. 

Those who are fortune tellers, well its all based on a huge chaotic data gathering exercise during which people have identified the correlation between what leads to good health and success. If a palmist looks at a glowing face and clean neat hands, then the person is most likely not involved in a high intensity job or labour work, and there may be rich and live long. then if someone suggest problems of money, that means that the person doesn;t do anything so will probably die early. 

the only limited scientific thing i have come across is astrology which takes into account how gravitational forces will affect our behaviour etc. and therefore that may be useful. However, a good fortune teller will never tell you the future, he will only tell you what may be happening on a general scale and also assign a probability. Someone who tells you to do this, do that, to overcome problems is a cheat.


First off, we need to know what does Horoscope means in real? Horoscope is a forecast of one's person Future that what's going to be happen in next months, days, and years.  As we know that new English Year is on head to start so everyone's busy in finding what's going to be happen with them in the next upcoming year i.e 2019. 

As far as I know, your name's first letter, your date when you born, and the star which you are belong to does extremely matter. This is all about your Personality that how you live in this era like that. 

We don't know how much people are born on the same date, month, and year so this way, the same day people having same horoscope so it can be vague and easy to tell them what happened? 

When we listen to the Astrologer (who become astrologers after lots of solid study unlike other fakes), then we relate to it somewhere or maybe we think that they are telling truth about you. I believe that some of their words belongs to our life but not all of them. We ALL are belong to ALLAH and we can't even imagine that what's next in our life but ALLAH knows it. 


Horoscopes are according to me a very complicated matter and at the same time it also seems to be a lot of Speculation.

For starters I am not a firm believer of Horoscopes but I do agree on the fact that there is something to be discovered there. My Mom believes in Horoscopes a lot she watches shows on Televisions as well as on YouTube to get the latest news. So I have been nagged a lot for my views on Horoscopes and every time I say the same thing to my Mom what I am about to tell you guys.

Horoscopes are related to stars and at what date and time we were born in the world so I believe that the Star Allignment at the Time of out birth does exert an amount of pressure on our Body which in turn leads to several qualities. Plus if you look at several horoscopes there seems to be a generalized version that is added to almost all versions of Horoscopes.

So my final conclusion about Horoscopes is that there is still a lot to be discovered and we still don't know what the potential of or can be. So for now I will say that Horoscopes don't tell the future.


I would expect so. Since horoscopes simply contain information, what was the time and area of the individual birth and the planetary/astral positions around then. That assuming there were no translation blunders, are sufficiently genuine. Be that as it may, I trust the expectation of your inquiry, is whether horoscopes can be utilized to make great forecasts about what's to come. There I would state it is an exploration of unavoidable losses. All through life we are compelled to settle on decisions and we need information to settle on those decisions. It is all equivocal or notwithstanding absent. So we look to numerous techniques to comprehend the information and act dependent on it. 

Presently the people of old utilized Jyotisha for such a reason. I can concur with the introduce behind that Vedanga. i.e. Everything known to mankind influences each other thing. A few things impacts a few things more. The states of an individual's introduction to the world - time, area, parentage, qualities and so forth influences the individual's consequent life. I additionally guess that the planetary positions have an impact on how the sanchita karma causes the atma's decision of another body. Be that as it may, all theoretical, no observational evidences. 

Be that as it may, what must be recalled is, notwithstanding accepting horoscope is a factor, it is one of the numerous variables and in the contemporary occasions, the impact of horoscope is quickly lessening. So its utilization ought to be cautious and logical. Excessively depending on one factor, is definitely not a sound thing 

As much as I am available to its likelihood being a substantial framework, I additionally accept for the motivations behind Karma, the disposition of Sambandar is considerably more imperative.