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If the Natural Medicine community had a Steem Engine Token, what do you think it could be used for? ?
With the coming of the new tokens, there's exciting things ahead for the Steem platform and the Natural Medicine community! We're currently building a token, and want input from the Steem community about what value this might have. What could it be used for? What would you call it?

There are so many tokens out there, we'd have to check the name is not already in use.

Maybe something cute and plantlike, like Sprout, or Fern, Spruce, or something fun that is green and herby.

Not sure what it would be used for. I think it would be a good idea to keep it "local" to the community. So it could act as a perk. Members of Natural Medicine would receive this token, and depending on how much each person is delegating to NM, there would also be a distribution of this token. Perhaps a way to earn it. I don't know the inner working of the crypto machine, but keeping it to the community would allow enough to be created for us to have a fair amount, but not too much that it would lose value.

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