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What are some of the worst mistakes people make in crypto trading or investment ?

Trading too much and too impatiently is the number one mistake. Trading with no idea of technical analysis. Most people lose money by trading. When you trade you have to beat the market. Very few do and those people are bound to be much more skilled than much luckier than you. So, don't. 

there are few n=mistakes that people make.
1. They jump into some coin without any research.
2. At times when price of a certain coin has already taken considerable price hike, people opt to buy that coin.
3. They invest all their money in one coin.
4. They put all their investment at once and not make some plan for contingencies.
5. Patience is another important factor, people got panic and make wrong decision.

FOMO buying is probably the worst. You end up buying on a spicke then your entire investment looses all value. 

Also investing in a coin that they did not reserch and it turns out to be a scam. 

the worst mistake is calling it a bubble :)

3 mistakes i have seen people make frequently are.

1) Not having enough patience to wait till the price goes high
2) Not taking profits while they can. even if they dont want to sell at current levels they should sell something when at profit.
3) Always have some USDT / Fiat in hand for more investment at lower levels and that should happen in ladder appraoch
It's simple. Do not invest more money then you're are willing to lose. That is the number one mistake I think people make. Another rule is you can't take a loss if you don't sell. People panic sell to much and end up losing because they FOMO into an investment with too much money and then they start hearing FUD and sell for a loss.
the mistakes that i make in crypto trading when i came in market at first time, because never came in the trap of fud , always play with news and always take profit out of your investment at every step.