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If you have $5,000 to invest in cryptocurrencies, where would you invest (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)? What are the risks?
If you have $5,000 to invest in cryptocurrencies, where would you invest (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)? Is it a risk?
My views differ here with others.
I would invest in 90% in Bitcoin and Ether. Cause they have both established themselves and they are here to stay. Others may compete with ether but they will take a long time before they can become parallel to it.

The remaining 10% you can put in different Alt Coins or Projects which you may like. Do your own research about them. Ripple, EOS, Tron, Sia, 0X, Golem are some nice projects.

Secondly in a speculative trade you don't invest what you can't afford to loose. Your investment in speculation is not an asset. In fact you write off that amount from your wealth when you do it.
I think you should start with asking how much of this $5000 are you okay to lose. Cryptocurrencies is still highly volatile and risky compared to other traditional assets. So if your answer is this $5000 means a lot to you, and there is a good chance that you will need this sum of money in the next 5 years, then I rather you not invest in crypto.

If you are at the other end of the spectrum, and think that you can afford to lose this $5000. Then we can talk.

Personally I have a very high risk portfolio at this point in time. Why? Because crypto market just crashed from its ATH and is still in a bear market. Like any other markets, the small caps have the largest room for growth when a bull market starts. That is why I am a firm believer of scooping small caps during bear market and progressively sell them for large caps during bull runs.

That being said, I still keep wide portfolio of cryptocurrencies. My largest holdings now is actually STEEM and ETH (about 10% of my portfolio). Then I have multiple small caps that I think are promising, all in rather small proportion. My personal favorite are SUB, PRL, NEO, AION, ICX, BLZ, REM, ADA, TOMO, HKN, ESS, MFT and GO.
I would lean towards the conservative route and invest 50% in STEEM, 30% in BTC, and 20% in ETH. I believe STEEM is the best and easiest way to earn money if your end goal is to make money which I think for most people it is. The STEEM price is at the bottom right now so it is a perfect time to buy in. BTC is a no brainer really, buy some and hold it and at the $6,000 range it is a good time to buy in and hope we hit all time highs again and you could easily 3x your money. ETH is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies out there and it is a pretty safe bet. Smart-Contracts have been taking off as of late and people are flooding into ETH.
I will invest in 45% in Ethereum and the rest in Bitcoin. Litecoin did have a promising outlook but when the founder himself sold all his holdings, I personally lost the trust I had in LTC which was however very easy to transfer and also had low transaction fees as compared to others
I would put half of that on BTC, the current valuation makes it a very good play in my humble opinion. Could it go down? Sure, but I'm also convinced the king of cryptocurrencies, the first mover has a lot of runway to go.

The other half I would divide between the following cryptos:

Litecoin (nowhere near the ATH atm)
Ethereum (The upcoming changes should make this one to watch)
Monero (a personal favorite)
EOS (the hype means it still has room to go)
ADA (Cardano is undervalued atm to me)
I would like to have 20% in BTC, 30 to 40% amount in the following coins and I wold like to keep the balance amount as reserve to average out my buying if market goes further down.
brother first rule of investment never put all eggs in one basket so always invest wisely in multiple good projects.
I think it will not be so will give a big influence on the price, where we see the market volume in indodax is not so high. So with the current moment I do not take the moment to get a chance of profit. I think storiqa we can mine