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Why are you on Musing??
This is a serious question to any of those who will like to answer....One thing I've learned in here is that consistent quality will never be ignored.
So, I learned about musing in a comment on a steemit post a long time ago. I checked it out and found that it wasn't for me. I try to keep up with the latest trends in technology but this blockchain thing has really gone above my head. The technical jargon is way too heavy for my understanding. I am a fairly slow learner. By the way I do appreciate all the good things that the blockchain has achieved and will achieve in future. At the time I checked musing, most questions were about blockchain and relative things. So, I didn't pay much attention to it.

During these summer vacations I revisited the platform and tried answering questions that I could and also got some upvotes too, mostly from musing to which I am very thankful. I guess the community grew and all sorts of questions started coming in which gave a chance to a person like me who has narrow set of skills. There's a lot of room for improvement in this platform but still all in all it's not only just a good idea but also a well executed one.

I have learned many useful things from this platform not only about blockchain but also about other walks of life. People's diverse insights about a same topic are rally enlightening. Although the same thing can be found on other platforms like Quora and in abundance too but there is a real value given to the content here which makes it way better. So, the value given to the content here is the reason why I come here.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Musing gave me purpose, turned me into a steemit geek. Yes its true, no matter how much this might sound like a made up thing but yes, its true.. Before musing I was gradually losing my passion for steem. You know if you are a noob in here in steemit then you must have gone through experiences like posting things which you created with heartfelt emotions but no one really seemed to care. That happened and still happens to me. I might spend a couple of hours writing with the best goddamn effort I cann manage but no one reads it. Rather than upvotes that lack of feedbacks is what gets me and stings in my nerves. And before musing I kind of felt helpless and only after two weeks I thought of quitting steemit. But then I found steemit.

One of my favorite steemian is @meno. He writes about things like philosophy and issues which I think I can very much relate to. And one day when I was desperate and looking to make a stand in steemit in any way possible, he posted about musing. I didn't even bother to check musing at that time. But only a couple of days later I joined and it turned into a whole new chapter for me. I was really enjoying writing answers and asking things. And why wouldn't I? it was like a festival to me. Because at that time whatever answers I gave somebody always gave me a feedback. And soon musing became like a sports to me. And I can confess that I'm really competitive about writing answers. Like if someone answers a question before me It makes me try to write even a better one.

And after 200+ answers later I think musing bacame a part of my life. I even cant pass a single day without answering something here in musing.
Every person does not know everything. If I don't know something, I try to find the answer. In case I don't find the exact answer of my question, I just ask the question. When I think about question answer, musing comes to my mind first. Musing is the platform that built on top of steem blockchain where you can ask any question and get the answer in time.

I love to learn new things and try to help others. When you give answer to any question on musing, you are not only helping the person who asks that question. you actually help many people. They want to know the answer, and you already gave the answer on similar question.

If you want to add value to others life, you should give your suggestion and try to solve their problems that they are going through. And you can do that answering the question on musing.

You will be rewarded for your contribution on musing. You spend your time and effort on this platform. People will appreciate your contribution and give reward for that.

It feels great if you can do something for others. Every time I give answer on musing, I feel great. My answer can help other people and inspire them to take action that might change their life.

So why are I on Musing? Hope you already got the answer.
Initially this platform attracted me as it pay you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
I started to check weather this platform actually pays or not. And when I spent some time I found it very helpful in number of ways. Such as:-
Sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.
It enables to broaden my vision and I can get different point of view for a single problem/ question.
It also enable me to get some earning while sharing my knowledge.
It also allows me to ask question and clear my doubts.
Lastly, I think that Iโ€™m now addicted to this platform.
I am on musing because I can answer the solution of a people by giving them answer by the way I got earning though.

I am using musing.io for earning purpose as well I can face some difficulties in my life I surely tell my question on musing.io and I get answer of that.I able to get various people opinion on same question so by mixing all the opinion I get proper answer .

Musing.io is a blockchain programme connected with a steemit account because if we write the answer in musing we get rewards by writing the answers.so everyone in musing comes for their better future and to increase the reputation score on steemit.

Everyone comes to musing.iofor earning purpose and also to increase the reputation score in steemit and by the way we get steem power by writing the answer on musing.

Thanks for readings
Everyone has his or her own personal reason of making use of musing. Musing.io is widely known for it's ability to reward users who ask questions and answer questions.

My perception or intention of using musing.io maybe different from yours and each individual. Based on my findings, I think everyone wants to earn more into their wallet and for this reason majority of musing users want to earn both knowledge and income. I am able to summarise some of the reasons I make use of musing with the few points below.

1) MEANS OF EARNING : Every Steemit Users will love to earn more money into their wallet by taking part in writing good content, commenting, upvoting and supporting the blockchain. Earning is one of the primal krill aims of every Steemian.
One of the best ways of earning and increasing your income is by making use of musing.io. Anytime you take your time to write quality answers for every questions you get rewarded.

Musing.io is now gaining more users because everyone wants to earn by just answering questions or asking questions. What a very beautiful and easy way to earn money into your wallet.

2) A MEANS OF LEARNT: Apart from Quora, musing.io is one of the best platform you can learn by asking questions and apply your knowledge by answering questions.
I have learnt alot from musing.io and I sometimes read answers provided by questions I have no knowledge about.
I ask questions which I found to be ambiguous and I receive comprehensive answers and informations from different users. What a beautiful way of learning!.

3) A MEANS OF MEETING NEW FRIENDS: I have met new people by taking part in musing.io. Some people got attracted by the way I answer questions and then we make friends. I have also known different people via musing.io discod channel and I sometimes chat and have fun on musing.io discod.

4) A MEANS OF GROWING YOUR FOLLOWERS: One of my reasons for using musing.io is that I am able to gain more followers. Sometimes I gain new followers by answering their questions. They really feel impressed and they won't like to miss someone like me. This has also brought more audience to my posts on Steemit. Musing.io is one of the greatest ways of growing your followers provided you are known for providing valuable information and quality write up.

5) ADDICTION: I got attracted to musing from the the first day I heard about it. I don't really know why I got attracted maybe it because I love to solve people's problems and I get rewarded for it. This has brought more hope for me on Steemit because I earn by solving people's problems just by answering their questions. I can't do without using musing.io a day and I do feel uncomfortable without using it.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—
Basically i am at musing because to solve my problems which such unknown answers to me which i am not knowing.
Musing has made its platform in such a way where users can solve their problems so i am here to solve my problems as well as the users which has some question regarding which i am known with the topic which i like to give answers.
The best thing in musing i am here is our answers gets paid here if we write a proper answer and question to get sucessfull in any concept like musing we need some time here to spend.
Musing i a very beautiful designed aite where we can easily write in mobile phones as well and get more easy to write our known answer and ask question without going to laptop.
I am in musing to motivate such people who are willing to write more answers but they are not getting upvotes musing is motivating them to write the answers which are legit.