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Why are fathers underestimated?

I won't say father's are underestimated, that's like saying men are underestimated which is so not true, otherwise you wouldn't be hearing of feminism and the feminist movement. On the other hand if you say fathers and men in general are under appreciated then I would agree with you, most times men are the caregivers and breadwinners of their families but it seems not to register, starting from the homes, children appreciate their mothers more and I think the biggest reason why is because, mothers are the ones that are readily available as a large percentage of moms stay at home with the kids and they are the ones the children meet when they have issues. So I believe the best way that fathers can start being appreciated more is when they start being more involved in the lives of their children.

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fathers are not really underestimated but its just that many kids/adults tend to celebrate their mothers more than their fathers and that is why everyone of us would have noticed that mothers day gets more attention than fathers day simply because many people to tend to celebrate mothers more but that do not mean fathers are underestimated,we have so many amazing fathers that deserve to be celebrated too..