Should someone make a steemit wikipedia?
I don't know if it already exist or not but a wikipedia with steemit would allow the volunteers to get paid a bit. It wouldn't be a bad idea in my opinion. Thoughts?
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Thanks to steemians who mentioned our project, links to this question were included in the wiki pages about Steem.center (https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Steem.center) and Steem ecosystem: M - R (https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Steem_Ecosystem:M-R). Thanks and good luck again!

I collaborate with Steem.center (http://steem.center) since last year. In this project he rewards are calculated by hand but I believe that an integration between MediaWiki (the open source wiki engine) and Steem blockchain is possible. Beyond Everipedia, another blockchain (Ethereum) based collaborative encyclopedia is Lunyr. Thanks and good luck again!

I can't believe no one talked about this.. 

Introducing @steemcenterwiki, the online encyclopedia built by @someguy123, a steem witness today. It looks like Wikipedia, feels like wikipedia, it's even built on the same engine as wikipedia (MediaWiki).

The difference though is that in a fixed period of time, contributors will be paid based on the share of their contributor over total contribution.

Contributing to Steem.center requires only you steem account.

Click on "log in" at the top right, connect to your steem account if you want to receive payment for your contribution. And you're done!

Someone should absolutely give it a shot , its ripe for disruption, EOS already has a beta project going for the same idea


I don't think that would be a good idea. It would require a lot of capital and expertise to make a successful wiki like application. And above all, it would need to be used by real people who are talented.

Everipedia is already doing content monetization for wiki entries. If a Steem based app started to try that, they would become competitors of Everipedia. I don't think any new startup based on Steem will be able to compete with Everipedia.

It of course is not a bad idea and it is very much possible if the people who will make it are highly skilled programmers and marketers. 

But considering the competition and Steem blockchain's current reliability issues, I would say it is unlikely to happen. 

Steem currently has a lot of limitations due to witness node performance limits. Until Steem becomes more scalable, I don't think it would be wise to start a project like that on top of Steem.

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A wiki that accepts a lot of edits would not be very practical on the STEEM, probably even at a potential larger scale in the future. BUT you can already get rewarded with STEEM for contributing meaningful content and adding to Open Source projects thanks to #utopian-io 

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I don't really know if that will be good idea because I feel is that it can take steemit to another dimension at we wouldn't no the real operators again

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What do you mean with the real operators?

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They don't gain any cash or don't have any plan of action starting at now.

Wikipedia is sponsored by contributors .


They don't wish to redirect from their objective of making the biggest, super superb, QnA database on the web and they trust that the minute they get into the income amusement, benefits will eclipse the fundamental "le theme" of the gateway i.e. to make an exceptionally valuable, network driven learning database on the web. (like wikipedia, yet more exact)

They are a very much supported organization and have brought $161 M up in three rounds of venture which keeps them running.

Their arrangement C venture was $100M by:

Dwindle Thiel


Tiger Global Management

North Bridge Venture Partners

Network Partners source: Crunchbase

Would it extremely be even required for Quora answers to make it into Wikipedia? Over the long haul Quora Topic pages most likely will supplant Wikipedia from a SEO and data angle.

There's extremely no confirmation that somebody here who is professing to be an organization organizer is really that individual. In the event that they're presenting on the organization's site, however, that altogether raises the likelihood. The perfect is for all data on Wikipedia to be Verifiable - that is one of the Five Pillars it's based on. Along these lines, while replies here may point to Reliable Sources, the appropriate responses themselves wouldn't be dependable.

Wikipedia is an established project, I don't believe that forking it -with or without using the content - would do any good. Instead, Wikimedia contributors should be able to link their Steem account to their Wikimedia account, contributions could then be rewarded in Steem similar to Utopian rewarding Open-Source contributions on Github. If many Wikimedia authors would adapt this system, Steem might eventually be integrated natively into Wikimedia, that would be huge!