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Do people use the search function on steemit?
Most old post don't get a lot of new comments. Makes me conclude nobody uses the search function. What do you think?

Yes. I use it.


Well, I can't speak for everyone but I know I actually do use the search function

And perhaps, it may not be in the way that you expect it to be.

The thing probably is that, not many people know exactly the right keywords to search for.

I use the search function if I am searching for an old post of mine that I really want to read again.

It may be difficult for someone to search out an old post as they may not know the topic or title you gave to that post and only you can.

I guess that's why it seems no one uses the search function.

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Well, I guess people still use it. Personally, I used it when I was new and that was 2 years ago.. Now I can't even remember that it exists.

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Yes, people still use it. There are preferences and reasons as to why people make use of the search function on Steemit.

What I'm not certain of is the number of people that makes use of such function on daily basis. However, I know there will be a decrease in the number of Steemians that make use of this function.

People use the search function to search for old posts. Personally, I do use it to search for an old post of mine or that of others. Maybe if I'm looking for an old information to extract from a post, this function becomes very helpful.

People also use the search function to search for usernames and people's accounts on Steemit. If a friend says he/she is on Steemit, you can simply find the person by using the search function.

People also use the search function to locate key words. For instance, if you're looking for contents that contains a particular key word, you can easily use the search option to locate such contents, and even more in order of increased engagements and upvotes.

People also use the search function to locate pictures and images and make downloads. If you wish to retrieve previous images you posted on your blog maybe due to the fact that you just lost it recently, the search function can help achieve this.

Incase you've not been maximizing or making use of the search function on Steemit, you can do well to apply it when needful.

Thank you for reading.


Wow........a search button for steemit??

This is the first time am hearing that,I know there was a time I wanted to put it up as a suggestion on utopian.io.....didnt know it was already in use, please I will like to know how because it's needed especially when you have need for an old post.


I think there are still some who uses the search function on Steemit. Maybe just very few users but not totally no one or none in my own opinion.

I used the search function when I was new to Steemit. It is because I was trying to learn more about the site. Like what is Steem power, Steem dollar and how to do transactions on the site.


I use it to search for users that's all. And if I want to search for an article on steemit, I go through Google and add "steemit" at the back of the topic. I feel it's easier to search that way rather than on the platform itself.