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Do you have your own website?
Do you have a personal or business website and where do you use it for?

As a matter of fact, I do. Made it completely out of Wix, and it's filled with content based on what I do with my establishment here on the blockchain. There's still some stuff I need to add, but you can see for yourself.



@Niel96, No, but i am planning to create because in my opinion now we are entering into Full Fledged Internet world and for sure Own website will be additional value. Stay blessed. 🙂


I used to and currently holding it for some more weeks. While due to Steem Blockchain I created the site and thanks to the dapp of Steempress that I was able to have my own website. While recently due to may factors and I being busy on other things it is being hard to keep up the track of my Site. 

While if the Steem prices rises as along will sure get into it as usual.