Should there be free speech on musing?
Do you think it should be allowed to talk about every type of subject on musing? Or is it sometimes needed to delete/edit questions and answers?

As far as I am aware, the only limitation is to be respectful.

If you believe that having yourself ask "Why US population of Black People are statistically more criminal?" Instead of "y r them naggers such faken thugs and trash?" Limits your free speech, Then It's not really about the conversation but about you're being a fucking retard.

But other than that?

I believe that there are no taboo, and any question that makes sense deserves an answer.

And I will provide such to my best ability.

Free speech is most important.

Let us just not act like chimps with trisomy 21. Unless you identity as a chimp with trisomy 21, more Power to you, but chimps have no rights so piss off.

Love You all.


I think musing is one of the places where free speech is allowed. I don't think there is any restrictions here. It is more of a community based restriction rather than restrictions that musing would have made.

I think it also depends on what kind of free speech that is going to be made by the users. There are some topics that of course shouldn't be allowed which involves racism, pornography, abuse or even promotion of violent ideology.

So far, when I look at it, it looks to me that everyone here has spoken their minds on a daily basis. I have at times spoken on many issues but have usually taken a more neutral stance towards the different questions that I have answered here.

One thing we do have to take note. Anything that we speak of is going to be here to stay and it can't be easily erased. So anything we say freely may be something that destroys or gets the cheers from the readers. It's a private public community. It's private as we can speak freely here on musing yet we have to watch our private behavior. Musing has done a good job.


If you ask me, there's free speech on Musing, I don't see any limitations, at least not written ones.

What is not written but it is considered limitation is respect for the others. You don't need that to be written down or told several times. That is something each and every human being should know and do.

As about the subject, they are as they are because we are making them as they are. We are asking and answering the questions, not Musing. If it seems limited, that is because we are not diversifying them enough. It's easy to complain about the quality of questions but let's be honest, have you done your part to diversify the questions? How many questions do you ask daily?

As about deleting questions, I don't think Musing is doing that. But I know for a fact that they are working on improving the platform so repeating questions won't be possible, which is good for us. It will be more enjoyable if we don't have to scroll through a bunch of similar questions.

So I think if we all respects each other and try to diversify our quotation and answers, we're going to be fine.


Isn't there free speech of Musing in the present? I think there's already free speech here. This is the decentralized world, and you can already speak up whatever is on your mind. But of course, with such democracy given to us involves responsibility. If you said something that's offensive for other members, then expect you will receive negative perceptions. So use your freewill wisely.


I believe so. But there should also be some courtesy and responsibility along with the privilege of posting on the platform. Everyone has their own personal beliefs to live by and maybe talk about to others when necessary. And this is a social platform suited to discuss those differences and acceptance to that diversity. What is not cool is the lack of respect in someone else belief system or thinking that one's own belief system is the only thing worth value.


I have always been under the impression that there is already Free Speech here on Musing (and even on Steem). What makes Musing different though from other platforms is that they explicitly highlighted this on their Curation Guidelines Rule #2:  Respect our Users and Posting Guidelines on Q's:  Do not make assumptions about race, religion, sex etc..  

One could even say that Musing holds the: Your right to free speech ends when mine begins thinking. You can freely ask and say anything you want here as long as you are not trampling and/or attacking the right of others. If possible do not make any assumptions on controversial topics and keep a neutral tone if you can. If you have strong opinions on a particular subject just make sure to discuss and share your views in a respectable manner. That is what Musing is asking.

To make things clear: You are allowed to talk about every type of Subject here (I've even read some too sexual contents months ago XD) At the moment, the only thing that Musing deletes (or hides) in the platform are non-English content. Soon Musing will be able to support other languages but not at this time. 


I believe there's free speech, one only has to be ready with the consequences (and that applies to every aspects of life)

I believe people should be allowed to express themselves. I also believe people should have the right to speak against those who want to taint their image.

I'm trying to reach for a balance here. It's not good for someone to claim free speech just so that he can say anything and then deny other people the right to react positively or negatively to that speech

And as far as I know, there's free speech on musing.


There is curation guidelines to follow :


As long as we are community on blockchain, it's already "Free Speech" and democracy is for us. However, that also does not mean there are no rules that must be obeyed in the community.