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Is using an upvote bot profitable?
Is it profitable to use an upvote bot?

The answer of this question can be both - yes and no.

Yes, using upvote bot is profitable. But that depends on some factors. You have to find out which upvote bots have a higher chance of being profitable. When you find profitable upvote bots, it does not mean if you place bid on these bots, it will be profitable.

You have to pay attention when you place your bid. You have to consider the previous round voting status, present situation and the time left for the coming voting round. Analyzing different aspects if you place your bid, there is a high chance that it will be profitable.

No, using upvote bot is not that profitable. If you bid on upvote bots without considering and analyzing anything, there is a high chance you will end up making loss. To make profit, you have to calculate the break even and if you get more than break even, it is profitable. Sometimes profit from using upvote bots is so little and negligible that you do not want to waste your time and  money on upvote bots.

To get all these information, you can use http://steembottracker.com.

Hope this answers your question.


It depends but most of the bots have set specific amounts of ROI to make sure that there's an assured profit whenever you use their service. Normally, the benefit of using a bidbot/promotionalbot/upvote bot is in the form of Steempower. 

Another important benefit of using a promotional bot / upvote bot is it pushes your blog to the trending page which will provide exposure to your blogs. The more exposed it is, the more likely it will create attention to the community. Most likely, your blog receives upvotes from the users.

Though these are discouraged by some of the prominent Steemians, there are still Steemians out there who are using this bot to promote their posts and reach the trending page to attract traffic on their posts. You can see that most of the announcements are using upvote bots to broadcast it to a wider audience.


No.... at this moment, it is no more profitable. Hardly you can get 10% extra on your bid amount which again is not guaranteed at the time of payout, because if the steem price goes down by the end of 7 days, then the upvote amount will be less and it may even leads to losses, similarly if the steem price goes up, you may stand to have some profit.

On the top of that please bear in mind that upvote bots are not primarily aimed at ROI bidding. Its basic purpose is as a promotional tool so that you can stand to have a good visibility of your post and if you use higher bids then it can make in the trend line page and the public including curators will be able to see it and if they find your content worthwhile then they may upvote you, so in that way you can get some organic upvotes too. But all that depends upon how good and how interesting the subject matter of the post is for the readers/curators.

If you are looking for making profit, I would advise you not to use upvote bots at all, rather concentrate on other stuff and particularly those for which this community is designed for. There so many ways now here on steem blockchain, so many applications including incredible musing which can earn you a decent amount if you are not lazy and if you intend to engage productively.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I agree with @cryptoandcoffee but hat's just one aspect of it. 

The other is the respect of others around you! I know many people don't like those who are using bots! Including myself! Here I am, admitting it publicly.

Using bots can have other benefits as well, like the increase of your reputation! Many people use bots to increase their reputation. This is why the current form of reputation on steemit is highly questionable. Some of the reputations are bought with money. 

And this is how someone can be a dolphin, and still post garbage. 


Well it depends on yourself. If you are thinking of investing in Steem Blockchain than it might serve you in a way but if not than probably using Bidbot is not the right way to get profit from the hard earned Steem/SBD.

It will boost the Reputation Score but in addition to that the user will loose your liquid fund slowly. Lets see something.

For example an user boost a poost using Smartsteem bot with 10 SBD at current situation user will get $ 11.1 upvote in return. Which surely will act as a quick way to jump to the Rep score but lets do the math.

On that USD 11.1 upvote an user will get 75 % as author reward and 25 % will go the curators. 

11.1 of 75% = USD 8.325  

from them the reward will split upto two parts, half Steem Power and Half as SBD. 

So 4.1625 USD as SBD which exactly counts as 4.1 SBD

4.1625 USD as Steempower which at current market price counts as 5.3 Steempower

So the user will get the liquid fund of 4.1 SBD after the post payout. Depending on the Steem price, if the price goes down the reward will decrease even more while if the price increases the reward will increase even more.

So in short using bidbots is not the right approach to get recognized in here. Instead keep those SBD/Steem in the wallet or power them up.


Sometimes yes, sometimes not,

It totally depend on the Roi you get when you using the bidbot.

I do remember when using minnow booster was very much beneficial, 

We were getting 2$ worth upvote by spending 1 $, But now the time has changed , now minnow booster is not profitable at all.

You can always use .https://steembottracker.com/ to see which bidbot is going in profit and you can send bid according to the situation, it it is given good roi , you will definitely get profit.

I know a person,  who got 10 x vote on his investment from jerry.

Best of luck mate.

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The truth is no. I don't think the users understand basic mathematics and haven't realized the losses they are incurring.

At Steem Market right now if you spend $10 on a post you will have an $11,20 vote done by the bot. Sounds really good but what about curation?

Spent $10 

Bot Paid out $11.20

Curation is 25% which is $2.80

$11-20- $2.80 == $8.40

You started with $10 and now you have $8.40. You have just lost $1.60.

If the users worked this out do you think they understand what they are doing. I don't think so which actually makes it quite funny.


Using bots right now is not profitable. The reason for that is that too many accounts use bots and there are not enough of them to give profitable upvote. When you take away curation rewards, which can be upto 25 per cent of total reward pool, you are getting net less then you paid for from bots.


It depends on which bot and when you use it.

Bot's can be profitable, but you should do your research before using one, 

When you start do so with small amounts do you learn as you go with a low cost if the bot goes sour.

have a look at https://steembottracker.com 



See this link You can find some answers to your qus



My Steemit account is dedicated to bots. Check out some of my posts and you will see why using the services of upvote bots is not profitable at the moment for steem users.