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What has been most profitable for you crypto or stocks?
Did you have the greatest success with crypto investing/trading or "normal" investments like stocks?

Well apparently I have been on both sides for quite some time and I did liked being on Stock market quite a lot. While at some point it really became so annoying as because of the system that  is provided in my country so at some point I had to get out. 

Despite all the regulations I was able to get out of Stock with a handsome amount of money as my investment was not that high as compared to the people that I used to meet in the brokerage houses. While it was a very nice experience all along and later I was introduced to crypto and I should say the timing of my entry on Crypto space was really perfect and I was able to invest some money and I must say I was able to make a profit in this space. 

The main reason I like crypto is I can do all my tradings, decisions in exact real time and no boundaries is there whereas on Stock market there are sets of rules which does really affects the time to time tradings. 

While the most profit that I was able to take out compared to both was the Crypto Market and the ICO (investment) really helped to boost the portfolio of mine in a very nice way. The trading of crypto currencies were as well a boost from my end. 

Well apart from the profits I was able to make some losses as well, both in Stock market and in crypto market. In Stock market I was in by a friend and the initial stage was the IPO and there I was able to make some money without any risk and later after entering into the secondary market the real fun and depression began. At the end I was bale to come out with handsome profit form there and like I mentioned above the rules and regulations were too much for me to handle in there.

While in crypto it was started with a scam investment and that is as well by a friend and still now I was not able to get the money back.The ICO was profitable but lost few money over there as well. While overall my money is still in crypto and I am using it in any way possible. 

So after all this I really would like to say that before investing money doing proper research is always advice able as this is your money you should know how to handle it.


I have had way more luck with stocks but then I have been holding them for years. Crypto is so new compared to what stocks are around. The crypto I was holding has been decimated this year but it will bounce back. 

If we hold crypto for 10 or 15 years I am sure we will do far better as they are still new and need a chance to get going. Crypto as an investment will be profitable like stocks over time if it has an every day use. That is why I am happy to hold Steem as I  know in the coming years it can only go up in value.