How to get a lot of followers on instagram?
What is the best way to get a lot of followers on instagram?

I will say instagram can also be linked to as almost the same thing with steemit.

If you want get a lot of followers on instagram, try to make quality post on instagram, let people know your brand and let your brand interest many people on Instagram.

Also try to make good valuable and quality comments on people post, by this they tend to appreciate your comment by even following you back.

Actually there is another last method which I don't think it is the best, some people use follow and follow back. By just following a large number of people on Instagram, there is always a tendency that may help you to be followed back bit the disadvantage is that it sometimes actually create non genuine followers back on Instagram.

With these above tips, it can help to acquire more follower on Instagram.



Any platform requires great content to display to develop your followers!

Here are some tips that can help you!

  • Post regularly. Build a schedule that you prefer and publish it according to it
  • Choose a suitable time to post. There are many articles that explain when to publish better on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Dribbble.
  • Especially just experiment it! Also go on larger platforms, make a page on Facebook / Twitter and stay up to date.
  • Use specific limited tags. With the tags you can discover, you get the audience that is exactly interested in what you publish.
  • Interact- You need to find other blogs in your area / area of ​​interest and talk to them, follow them, enjoy their work and leave your opinion on it! Just interact!
  • Have Patience - No one hits a lot of followers in one day, be patient.
  • Do not go for the compensation plan for followers.