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What cryptocurrency shows do you watch?
Are there any cryptocurrency channels you like to watch and can recommend?

Crypt0 on YouTube.




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@Niel96, There is no specific show, but i sometimes watch random shows. Stay blessed. 🙂


#1. DataDash

DataDash is hands down the most informative and reliable. 

#2. Bitcoin.com Channel

I know, I  know, I know.... Its primarily BCH-centric, I agree. But here's what I have to say, episode after episode I become informed of another 3+ cool projects out there that at the very least can give other projects inspiration. They have a model that other channels ought to learn from and employ. 

They added two beautiful Japanese women on their show regularly now, that's not going to hurt ratings...

#3. The Crypto Lark

I like his information, its displayed in an easy to understand and intelligent manner. That said, he has creepy eyes, but if you get past that the commentary is worth considering. 

#4. ModernInvestor

The dude is an XRP shiller, so while that's disappointing I'll still say that generally you can say that his information is useful. Sure, a lot of his videos are just him rounding up other people's articles, but that has a value in packaging the web's more pertinent findings for us. He's a smart guy and his commentary is worth noting. 

#5. Crypt0

Crypt0 is nice, I like him and Ella, they seem like good people. But I kind of don't walk away feeling all that informed, whereas with DataDash I'm often pointed to a detail I had not previously noticed. 

#6. Naomi Brockwell

Let's face it, she's eye candy, which gets you all but a secretary job in most industries, but not the one ruled by geeks. That said, she deserves credit because she is a competent reporter and a true believer in the concept of decentralized systems and the freedom it buys. She's not just a dumb beauty and the information on her show has educational value. 

That said, its standard interview chatter, not exactly deep diving if you're a true crypto-intellectual.

Crap You Probably Shouldn't Bother With:

#1. Tone Vays

This guy is the mother of all Bitcoin maximalist propaganda, but that's almost too generous. Watching him interview any BTC core dev on Youtube is what I would imagine Aliens look like when they give their significant other a blow job with their mind. 

Tone is not so much the priest of the BTC maximalist religion so much as the alter-boy that finds himself defending core.  

(Note: I'm totally cool with BTC as a crypto, but a lot of that community is getting a little too sect-like about it for my taste. I'm just not drinking the cool-aide.)

#2. Decentralized TV

 Decentralized TV is the fast-food of crypto news, its often just reading off someone else's article with added commentary and a lot of shilling their own sites.

Decentralized TV and Tone Vays both lost my respect due to blatant bias. You can love whatever cryptos you want, but calling every single coin a scam except one or two coins just proves your lack of credibility as an expert and that you're a shiller, so I avoid them now.

#3. Bitcoin Ben

The man seems like a nice guy, but if you value your time as I do, you just might realize that this man took 45 minutes of your life that you will never get back. The commentary is rarely on topic unless its long, drawn out sighs, jibberish and super-chat responses that often contribute nothing other than shilling and childish questions equal to "why is the sky blue?"