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Why is Kim Kardashian so popular?
I don't understand what's makes her special. Is it some kind of herd mentality that you are famous for being famous?

I can say popularized does not equate talent. Sometimes you just need to be skillful in creating gimmicks and publicity by trying to be controversial. I am not saying Kim Kardashian as talentless because everyone has such gifts. But Kim became popular not because of the talent (whatever it may be) she has.

It started out with her scandal video with R&B singer and Brandy's brother Ray J. Then afterwards, "Keeping Up With Kardashians" came out which features her family drama. Is it a reality show? That's what they claimed but it is just as fake as *Simple Life" by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, which even the former admitted it being scripted.

After that, Kim never stopped creating her own publicity by posting her nude self in social media platforms. She's also good at showing off her lavish lifestyle.

Her marriage with Kanye West also became highly talked about. West also did a lot of gimmick like what Kim K is doing, but at least he has musicality.

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KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS TV SHOW; you may not know it but this show attracts a whole lot of viewers however if you did not know about this show, I will be obliged to tell you that this show it's like a soap opera that shows up close and personal relationship and lifestyles of kim kardashian and her sister including kylie Jenner and the other kardashian family, in fact it even features the infamous kanye west who is the husband of kim kardashian. There is nothing people love more than up close and personal lifestyles of people who are famous and popular being shown on television series, so kim kardashian was wise enough to monetize this particular show and this is one of the reason why she is popular and famous even if she isn't really a full fledged musician or singer.

SHE'S  SOCIALIST AND CLASSY; kim kardashian is one of the most dressed female celebrities in the united states I do not really know her line of business but she boost of more than 10 million instagram followers and of course she's very classy and trendy. There was a time she did the derrire challenge, where she placed a cup behind her backside and the picture at one time become one of the most viewed on instagram. So she is known to be controversial she is the type that thrills people with her social media lifestyle always making a conversation for people to talk about no doubt she's a celebrity without borders she has a very close relationship with her family I mean extended and each and every one of them are social media addicts was kim kardashian stands out because she's beautiful and brilliant always giving the media something to write and talk about.

THE KANYE WEST FACTOR; if you must know she is married to billionaire hip hop artist Kanye West and there was a controversial moment where they named their daughter North West. Kanye west is known to be very outspoken just like kim kardashian and their lifestyle gives people something to always talk about. The fact that kanye west is a very popular music artiste also makes it possible for kim kardashian to be in the limelight command it is a big surprise to see that they are not divorced yet and that their marriage is going on very strong. So the kanye west factor is also another reason why kim kardashian is popular and also in the limelight because you cannot talk about kanye west without mentioning kim kardashian


When someone becomes popular or even famous mainly because of a big butt then something is inherently wrong with this world and with the people who follow that so called celebrity. A person should become popular because of his/her merits and I do not see any merits here. And no, such a person is neither classy nor otherwise someone who deserves attention. And it says a lot about the people who are her followers...



Because she has a got a heavy and most beautiful butt. It is a natural human tendency to melt with the beauty and body parts construct one such aspect of it. Kim is a perfect beauty in her body and she goes nude and post photos in Instagram and also make different shows from time to time. That makes more people go wild in their mind to see her beauty. 

The specialty of something lies in the eyes of beholder. If you are one of them, then you can definitely see that beauty. As for herd mentality and famous for being famous, that remain with every other celebrity too and that is one of the marketing trick adopted by almost everyone in the industry. But if it being famous for a particular body parts, then Kim Kadarshian does come in the list always. There are people who are fetish about some women body parts, then will go crazy and become a die hard fan of celebrity like Kim. Framing beauty of body is another way to describe beauty in this new generation fashion. This all makes Kim so popular and famous.

So let's become little more of an observer or a fan of her and go deep to the mentality of people or fan first, then we can find out those additional points from people who made Kim famous. What are the other points Kim scored apart from body parts. If we can find out that, then we can judge about her being famous in a better way.