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A few people are conceived in rich families, some are excellent, some have extraordinary karma and numerous has inverse to it, is life plays a reasonable diversion with us?

As individuals we are born into families we had no choice to have decided on where we wanted to go,it's just nature.

Some born with a silver spoon,some into poor families,I feel life isn't playing with us rather generation, because a man's generation has Alot to play in whom he or she is,forget about being born with a silver spoon because with hardwork and determination,you can do better than your immediate family and give your own generation a better life.


Its all karma my friend. Some people are born millionaire and some even struggle to have a piece of bread. At the age of 5 or 6 they learned the hardship of a labor in industries and they along with their parents do all the hardship they can and try to earn that piece of bread at the end of the day. Buy their hardship do not surpass beyond the piece of bread and that is why they deprive of all other social accomplishment in life. If you compare both of them, then you might wonder what exactly the equation of the universe that there is such a big difference between the two kids who are recently born but have huge difference in their social rights and fulfillment.

If you keep on thinking on it deeply and as you grow and try to understand the life then one thing you can notice that our deeds are the ledger that is being updated every time and the time frame varies from seconds to days to weeks to years to life after life. The reflection of karma is all that we get in the form of fruit in our life in some form or the other. The luck may seems like a spontaneous blessing of God but in reality that is the result of the past deeds which may not be of this life rather many lives which you lived in your previous birth. That is why all great saints, philosopher and life guru emphasize on karmic account and always do good deeds as that will keep your process on track and if your process of life is correct, the result will be automatic and correct and you will have that fortune of all the privileges life after life.