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Do you think Donald Trump will be reelected as President in the event that he chooses to keep running for re-appointment?

Well let's just say that anything can happen. I mean there were literally campaigns against him that were spearheaded by various celebrities and public figures and the man still won the election so I'll repeat what I said earlier, anything can happen.

I mean alot of people will still vote for him, in fact alot of people that are condemning him will still vote for him so I think there's a fair chance that he could win the upcoming election.

The thing is, he's had such a bad track record over the last 3 years that it's very hard to see a situation where even 1 person would vote for him, but then again I said the same thing in 2016 and look how things turned out.

I hope this helps.


Absolutely he will :) I will be voting for him again! Amazing job he is doing.  I am more worried if we can keep someone like him in office after his 2nd and last term.


Yes I do, ,should he choose to continue running. I can't see any reason he would choose not to keep running, especially after everything he has already had to endure in his first term. To concede his position at this point would be akin to surrender. I can't see him losing.