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Would you marry a transgender person?

Will you marry a transgender person? As normal people, we will never want to marry transgender people because it is strictly prohibited in religion. If you do a marriage with a transgender person then you are not normal and you will get a very big sin because you are married to same sex. We are led to marry the opposite sex so we have good offspring, not married to same sex.

At present there are so many abnormal people who are married to transgender, not because they don't know but because they really prefer transgender rather than loving the opposite sex. Their minds are no longer healthy so they no longer desire lust for the opposite sex but they are only lust with transgender people. It is something that we should not imitate because besides being prohibited in religion, being married to a transgender will not have any offspring at all because you are married to same-sex.

In essence, we must be married to the opposite sex who are good and obedient to the religion rather than marrying transgenders who do not understand religion at all. If we have a clear mind, then we will not choose transgender as our wife or husband because they are not normal mind, so look for the person you will marry that is really your opposite sex and he is also very obedient to religion that makes the family you are romantic and well-established until you return to the grave later.


No,never,it's abnormal to think of it.

Marriage is the first kingdom institution created by God and when God created marriage it was a male and female that were joined together.

So it's not in the manufacturer design for same sex to get married, honestly I wonder how a man will have sexual feelings for his fellow man and vice versa.

Marriage is between a man and woman that's the standard anything other than that is abnormal and taboo.

So I can never in my life think of marriage a transgender,it's demonic and most people think it's normal.