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Is running in cold weather safe for your lungs?
When I go running in fall or winter, when it's very cold, it sort of feels like I'm being punched in my lungs. Is it bad for my health to exercise outside in really really cold weather? What do you think?

First of all, let me clear the burning sensation is not because of the coldness of the air. It is because of the dryness of the air you are inhaling.

Most of the air that reaches your lungs is heated by your trachea...so the coldness of air is not the issue....The real issue is the dryness of cold air which instantly starts evaporating the moisture inside your lungs as it heats up.

So as long as you keep yourself hydrated properly, running in cold weather would not cause you any harm...

Take deep breaths, drink plenty of water and cover your nose with a cloth.


A sound individual won't endure genuine respiratory issues or acquire lung harm subsequent to going for a run in the harsh elements. In any case, numerous individuals encounter annoyance symptoms amid or in the wake of running in cool temperatures

. The colder the air, the drier it will in general be, so the body needs to both warm and humidify every approaching breath. This causes numerous individuals, particularly the individuals who aren't accustomed to practicing in the driving rain, to encounter a crude, scratchy or consuming inclination in the throat and windpipe. 

Some additionally report a dry hack. Basically breathing in cool air while running won't cause a contamination, yet in case you're now experiencing a throat or chest affliction, running in frigid temperatures can intensify such conditions. Remember that at exorbitantly low temperatures – zero degrees Fahrenheit and under – the body can't completely warm or humidify breathed in air. This may add to a vibe of aviation route choking in generally sound individuals.


What is really really cold for you? 

As others have said, dry coldness can be harsher on your trachea and it might feel like your lungs are burning

In my personal, nonscientific opinion, you just have to get used to it. Like in everything in the life. It0s the conditioning of the body, and mind, that makes it OK.

Of course, you should be reasonably healthy to run in very cold weather, with an intact immune system.

Good luck with your winter running :)