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What is the best tasting food on Earth?

I really want to answer the best and the best food on the Earth is mama's cooking, but maybe you need an objective answer, let me mention the most delicious food you have to try.

For the best food, I've ever eaten in a lifetime is Abgoosht or Dizi. Abgoosht is the best cuisine because it has all the things I like; starting with goat curry, beans, bread, and vegetables that are pounded together. Served with fresh and pickled vegetables, and extra bread if it still feels less filling.

really I'm not lying, it's a special food. You have to try it ... but if I may add to what the best food in the world has ever eaten? I will answer the best food is the food that is made by each mom from what we have. do you agree?

well, good luck. see you next time