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Dapps mergers and acquisitions on the steem blockchain, a possibility?

Merging and Acquisition of DApps on the steem blockchain may seem to be possible if the steem Inc support such act. It may be a great advantage and disadvantage on the steem blockchain but it is important we consider the needs of the community before engaging in such practice.

Merging of DApps and Acquisition may not be the really okay for some project developers who may wish to build their project on the steem blockchain due to the risk and stress involved.

In conclusion, it depends on the decision of Steemit Inc because they are like the boss of the company and their decision is final on any judgment they render on the steem blockchain.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


Absolutely, and a natural progression in a new and developing blockchain economy.

I think at first, we will see mergers, or at least cooperatives developing across the Steem blockchain as the DApps build their brands and work together with a common beneficial aim for all which is adoption of the Steem blockchain but then in future, I foresee much more cross-chain activity with DApps that rub on multiple chains with a common token. It would be nice to see that common token being based upon Steem though. I think it's a little sad that Steemhunt and Dlike are both developing their tokens on other formats especially so when we now have the SteemEngine market for creating and trading tokens within our own Steem Blockchain.

DApps that are not generating enough income or supporting themsleves will possibly need to look for mergers as a means to survival. We need more users on Steem without a doubt to support and provide users for all these fabulous new DApps!

It is still early days for our brave new blockchain economy, especially as we have a whole new financial philosophy to develop too. This is not simply a new product, but a whole new way of thinking about how the world's economy runs.

Great question and great weekend to you fella :-)