When are you most active on steemit?

Everyday. I am Steeming everyday. 

In fact, I have been here in the platform for a year and 5 months now. I can't imagine how long I have been here and I can't imagine how far my journey in Steemit has been. A rocky at first, fruitful and inspiring at middle, and opportunity giving at last because the platform has spread all over the university thanks to our University Campaign where it also gave opportunities to students. Users like @chuuuckie, @baa.steemit, @jaderpogi, @brapollo29, @jbeguna04, @loydjayme25, @dwaeji-aizelle, and many more Steemians from our university.

In fact, I have been posting everyday since the start December (The day I never missed a post until now). I didn't missed a single post per day and that exhibits how Steemit has become a part of my life, my everyday doings, and most importantly in my veins.

I have been in the lowest of the platform (Last year August-November) and have been in the platform at its peak (December-February) and the struggle we face right now is I believe temporary. As soon as Steemit gets recognized onto the "Visionary" investors seeing the value of Steem aiming to tokenize the economy, I firmly believe we have a strong stand for it.

Right now, I am still and will always be active in the platform. I have never participated in Ono, Weku, Golos, Whaleshares, Scorum and even the future EOS blogging platform. For me, this is not about opportunity but seeing the worth of Steem and being loyal to the platform that has a great vision for mass adoption.


If this question was asked around when i was newly introduced to steemit sometime in June 2017, I would answer 

" I'm active as long as my eyes are opened and i have a phone in my hand"

Then, it required primarily using the markdown editor of steemit or busy to make your posts.

That really portrayed the extent of my addiction to the steemit platform then and it reflected somewhat in my reputation growing from 39 to 55 in a few days. 

But the reality is different today, You can interact with the steem blockchain from many applications which has offered flexibility and convenience with activities you choose to do on steemit. 

So, basically now. I'm most active between 1 pm and 4 pm WAT. to participate in one of my favourite Dapps which is Steemhunt in search for a hunt post, curation and useful comments on various amazing products i find there. Then on Sundays, i treat myself to the special 'delicacies' of questions and mind blowing answers on musing.


As being a full time Steemian I am giving my full time in here which is as long as I am awake and I don't have  other must do things to do (like daily household activities).

The number of hours that I am active in here is about 12-14 hours everyday and sometimes even more. So basically I am most active at night which is right now in my Time zone. As it is quite calm and I can give my all, in this period of time.

[Image Source](https://blogs.cisco.com/education/cisco-catalyst-cartoon-series-prime-your-network-for-the-rise-of-the-devices)

While it has been more of a addiction (in a good way) + Passion right now to me. I usually give most of my time in Dtube and Musing.  Well you can even call me  a "night owl" I won't mind.

While another advantage is that, at this period of the time most of my friends are active and this is kind of the right time to get connected with them.  While in the past it was just the opposite time schedule, I guess some changes are indeed necessary from time to time. 

And it does not really have any kind of negative affect in me as for the price of Steem I still would be here and continue to what I do best. So active at all times !!!


I don't even think there's a specific or regular time you'll ping @rufans and he won't reply you almost immediately.
 Before the steem blockchain,  He's known as the gadget guy. Which means he's always online making researches/ performing online tasks where he earn pennies. (@josediccus can testify ).

image souce: ojasweb.com

All the above activities made him more active on the steem blockchain. Because he found a place where he earn better amount for providing valuable content to the community.

@rufans is always not active only if he's  sleeping. Even in his sleeping hours, he's always up listening to discord live chats just to be updated.

So he's always and has always been active..


When I am not sleeping lol. I have a plan to be very active for however long it takes to grow to a decent size. It is one of those things that the more you do the more you grow.

Your account reflects the time and effort you have put in unless you have invested of course. Without investment it is hard but I feel more rewarding. You have done it the hard way and reflects 1000's of hours of work.

Weekends I normally do more as I have more time but that doesn't mean that during the week i am quiet either. Work gets in the way for sure but we must all just remain active as much as possible.


Whenever I have the time. We are all busy, have a life outside Steemit and family. We do what we can, when we can.

Nowadays I post less than I used to but I'm trying to keep my engagement level as high as possible, because that is very important in my opinion.

I check posts and comments several times a day, reply to comments and comment on my friends posts.


Honestly. I am most active on steemit when I need more money. It's not like I don't get active when I have enough but I get most active when I need more cash!


Usually, I am active at random times, It really depends on if i suddenly have that free time in between of something. The first thing I do when I wake up is to answer a question or two on musing. Then if anytime throughout the day that i suddenly have to wait for my wife at a shopping mall testing out some clothes or when i eat lunch and i feel like writing an answer, i will just write it in. 

Before I sleep, i will write a bit before reading a book. Well, i have made it a habit for the last few weeks to be more active here. It's really paying off. I can see both my reputation and Steem Power increasing. I know that it's dropping in value at the moment from the last high. Well. It's gonna rise again soon I am pretty sure. 


I'm mostly actively at night, after my busy day work. Aside from the fact that it's the only time I have for Steemit, I find myself more creative since I don't have anything on my mind that I worry about, one of which are my work & house chores.

It's also a time when I transition to sleep, I actually find it relaxing to view my steemit friend's posts or view the questions & answers here in musing.io


I'm probably most active during the afternoons but i'm signing into steemit as soon as I turn my computer and that's about the first thing I do when I wake up.

It's really hard to get rid of a habit that pays up and it's as recomforting as much as Steemit is. I've probably been signing into the site for like 3 months without missing one single day; Although I usually tend to not log in whenever i'm staying at a friend's house but I still think about what posts can I write or what new things I can discover that day on my feed. 

Steemit has become the thing i've been focusing the most on and I'm completely in love with that. I wouldn't rather do anything else at this moment!

The only thing that's missing is *clears throat* steem to the moon.


I am active on Steemit if I do have a lot of free time . It has been more than a year now since I started Steemit. When I first started on this platform I can do blogs almost everyday because I am still new but recently I have been busy with my full time work and other stuffs so I don't have enough free time to create blogs .

Sometimes I might get disappointed because of the low rate for Steem and SBD but I did not think about it too much because it might be the reason for me to write blogs but recently , I try my best to create blogs for at least 4 to 5 times a week . I can do that after my work because I don't want to forget about this platform . There may be a lot of downside but I hope we can all manage that . Let's just think positively and let's just wait for a good news anytime soon . :)


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Whenever I am in need of validation for my own ideas or when I need to shit on someone's bright new shining idea....


Steem is a big platform. As a blogger i find myself on steem almost everyday, learning something new everyday.


My lunch hour at work and after work when my wife and kids have gone to bed. Other than that I am way to busy.