Honest hour: what makes you feel insecure the most?

The others. Society can make me doubt! I tend to be a safe person, but there are people who can make me doubt the way I dress, make me up, even behave. There are people who tend to go through life trying to make other people think, act and do everything they want, and sometimes they can make you feel bad. They usually use expressions of mockery or blackmail in which they try to minimize you. Normally I know who these people are in my environment and the way they act, so I don't usually ask for their opinion. They usually tell you that you are bad, ugly, provocative or very serious, that the colors do not go with your skin tone, that the stripes make you look fat or that you are out of fashion. Such people abound and are reproduced in this society so pending of the physical and appearance. But as I am human and although I try to stay away from these people, sometimes the poison can splash me. This kind of people should be publicly denounced to see if they stop being negative and toxic to other people. 


Well, honesty hour right?

So my insecurity has to be talking to girls. I know, its 21st century and there are many ways to but i literally cannot speak to a female who isnt related to me. A typical example was just a few weeks ago.

So there i was with the guys at one of the worst spots in town courtesy of Randy, my best friend who could not get us a proper venue for our monthly hang out. But it was ok, coz we are bros right. And we were bent on having a good evening while catching up.

While, I'm known for being the quiet and very reserved one, although I'm practically a lunatic in mind, Randy is known as the outspoken one. Now, randy knows i cannot for the life of me speak to a lady personally. He calls my name and turns his face in the opposite direction where this small statured and very beautiful lady was walking.

Now, i might not be able to talk to girls but i do admire them from a distance and she was just what i liked. Apparently she was the waitress for that evening and she came to attend to us. Randy quickly turned her in my direction and i heard her voice when she asked, "what would you like to drink sir".

It serenaded my ears but i was so shocked that i could not even answer her. I literally almost peed myself before i looked at her and said something absolutely far from anyone's expectations.

Anyways, thats it though. My insecurity has to be talking to the opposit sex. God help me.

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Some great and awful things ought not be shared right? Else individuals can exploit and preferences are intended to be taken ! 

All things considered ,I view myself as extremely solid and develop young lady with some all around characterized objectives… I seem, by all accounts, to be exceptionally strict , geek , brutal or amusing , astonishing now and again yet indeed, I likewise have couple of instabilities like 

The sentiment of harming somebody's conclusions. I can't hurt anybody purposefully and regardless of whether I harmed, it makes me cry some of the time. 

The possibility of a friends and family selling out … it scares me ! 

Mistaken assumptions and perplexities 

Connections! Better to guard individuals at separation :) 

Indeed, I am great at giving Relationship exhorts. My companions take my assistance in this issue ;) however I am dread of connections .It's not some tea!! 

I am excessively legit . I know,a individual ought not be excessively legitimate in light of the fact that straight trees are cut first and fair individuals are screwed first! 

I have significant trust issues. It requires me alot of investment to confide in individuals. 

My inclinations ! They are outrageous. 

Individuals associate with me effectively. They share numerous things with me with no faltering and their privileged insights are constantly protected with me. In any case, I dislike that. It's troublesome for me to interface with people,it barely happens that I am sharing my frail focuses and dim mysteries with somebody.


Okey let me be honest and try to answer this question honestly. I am a person that never think negative and have a fear about something or feel insecure, because after each hardship I know there is a ease. 

But I am in the part of my life where I am about to graduate from my Universtiy and I have a very big vision, I had promises to many of my friends that I will achieve a lot in a early age of 25. I know I will , sometimes when I hear about the media and the life how people have, I feel like damn I cannot achieve that, so I feel insecure with myself. While I trust in myself and know what are my capacities. So it is something that is not in my hand. But I will see that with time.

What about yours @nonswrites?