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What, in your opinion, are better ways to improve content consumption on the steem blockchain?

Maybe adding more and better ways of promotion and visibility. It often happens that very valuable and interesting content is lost in the massive wave of spam and post that is not so valuable but have better visibility.

Giving the opportunity to those with fewer resources to be seen by more people will undoubtedly make the content more valuable and appreciated by the community.

I also believe that we should continue to create more platforms that seek to attract audiences interested in different and unusual areas of reading to create a huge base of diversity in the platform.


Better content discovery functionality. That is made possible by Hivemind, a service available for app developers that acts a data storage for non-consensus level data useful for apps such as community-related information, follow data, reactions and bookmarks etc. App developers can do text search from the blockchain content data using Hivemind, for example. Hivemind will be in sync with the blockchain (precisely enough for its purposes at least). As a result, app developers can give their users tools to better filter and search for specific content. For example, the current version of Musing contains a crude text search functionality that allows you to search questions containing certain keywords. There's also tag-based search but notifications and algorithmic search for suggesting questions to users to answer could be very useful.

Later, when the traffic has grown considerably the next step could have to be selling ad space and tools to target relevant ads to users with an account and unregistered users as well. That way, Musing can continue to earn without its current one million SP delegation from Steemit Inc. Ad revenue will enable Musing to purchase Steem Power of its own to continue rewarding its users for high quality answers.


Two thoughts come to mind:

First, you would do well adding greater specificity to your question.

It is unclear what EXACTLY you are implying by “improving content consumption.” i.e. economically, as in strictly desiring more people to consume MORE content?

The CONTEXT of what would define “improvement” has not been established in your question - thus, answers are dependent upon readers’ subjective, biased INTERPRETATION of what you mean.

I feel I cannot offer a direct, valuable answer without first knowing this - though I’d ASSUME you are either wondering how to get people to read more of YOUR own content, or bringing in more users to the Steem platforms to engage, which would be two completely different answers...