Is it that difficult to get upvotes from @musing? I see people doing tutorials on this now and I find it amusing.?

Earning upvotes on musing actually depends on you. There are some people who don't wish to earn upvotes while there are also some people working very hard to earn upvotes. People who don't wish to earn upvotes are not willing to learn about how musing works and this is why they can never understand the platform. These set of people keep on complaining that musing is just too difficult to earn upvotes.

Earning upvotes on musing is very easy provided you are ready to follow the rules. Albert Einstein once said "if you want to be the best player of the game, you have to learn more about the game". I see some people answering questions by plagiarism and you expect such people to be rewarded nicely on musing?

I have been on musing for more than 4 months from now and I can tell you that I have earned lots of upvotes from musing and I was also able to make it to the trending page more than 10 times during my stay on musing. There are also tons of users such as @littleboy, @bozz, @francistagbo, @Julietisreal, @joyce-okpobolo, @bala41288, @nonsowrites, @glenalbrethsen, @luueetang,@josediccus, @jlordc, @Ancesotop and many other great users earning cool upvotes from musing for their effort on the platform.

The secret to earning upvote from musing is by making quality post when asking questions or providing answers to questions. Making quality post also implies that you should avoid plagiarism.

I will share some great tips about how you can earn cool upvotes from musing when answering questions and it really helped me alot. This might not be part of the question but I am taking my time to come up with these so that people whom don't get upvoted or people finding musing difficult can adopt these tips to start earning great on the platform. These are the tips below ;

1) PROVIDE QUALITY ANSWERS: This is one of the key that can help you earn cool upvotes on musing. When providing answers, you should make sure you are not off points on the question being asked and you just have to make your answers more explicit. Try doing this and let's see where it gets you on the platform.

2) ANSWER QUANTITY: Sometimes your quantity of words while answering questions can also help you gain cool upvotes from musing. This doesn't means you should start typing rubbish just because you want to earn very big. Sometimes a very shirt answer may outshine long answer with irrelevant information.

Put yourself in the position of a curator. Let's assume a questioner asked "what is musing?". You got to upvote one of the answers between Mr A and Mr B.

Mr A typed : Musing is a Q and A platform.

Mr B typed : Musing is a Question and Answer platform built on steem blockchain where users are able to earn Steemit rewards(SBD, STEEM and SP) just for asking questions and providing answers to questions.

Who will you upvote out of the two men? I am quite sure you will upvote Mr B more than Mr A because Mr B provided both quality and quantity answers which really explains the question been asked by ty questioner.

Start doing this if you want to earn more on musing.

3) AVOID PLAGIARISM: One of the tip that has helped me on musing is "by staying true to myself without plagiarism". Always answer questions you know best and stop plagiarism.

We all know that Steemit is very strict when it comes to plagiarism. This is why some Steemit user's reputation had suffered a lot due to their habit of plagiarism. If you get caught on musing for plagiarism, there is high chance you won't receive upvote for some period of time from musing after engaging in your act on the platform. Try as much as possible to do away with plagiarism if you really want to earn more on musing.

4) DON'T BE TOO GREEDY FOR THE REWARD: Albert Einstein encouraged the habit of adding values to people's life by becoming a man of value. Some musing users are just too greedy to earn the reward and this is why they provide false answers to questions all in the name of making money. Some of them go to the extent of answering more than 10 questions per day even though they don't know the answer but they just want to earn very big.

The fact is that you may end up earning nothing if you are too greedy for the reward. Try to take your time and provide answers correctly and explicit to people's questions other than focusing on the reward even though the reward will come in multiple.

5) TYPE IN ENGLISH : The official language adopted by musing is English Language. Other languages is not allowed because it may cause the platform to be disorganized. If you aren't good in English, you can make type your answers in your preferred language and then make use of Google language translator to convert to English Language which is suitable on the platform.

Who knows maybe because you aren't typing in English that's why you aren't earning the required upvote from Musing. Start typing with English and let's see what happens.

6) VISIT DISCOD CHANNEL: The discod channel isn't just there for fun but it was created so that you can meet with other musing users and also you can make complaints about anything related to Musing.

If you feel something isn't going on well, you can visit the discod channel and ask questions about your problems. I once visited the discod channel to make complains about some bugs and @jonchin was able to fix this for me. Similarly, you can meet with people in the groups and ask them how they earn upvotes on musing, you will surely be answered.

7) LEARN FROM OTHER SUCCESSFUL MUSING USERS: A great man once said one of the best way to be successful is by following the path of success people. This implies that you have to learn from successful musing users on how they earn upvotes. You can just check how they answer questions which earn them more upvotes.

I hope the above tips will help some musing users who are finding musing very difficult to earn. Always remember that quality is the key.

In conclusion, musing is the best platform you can earn very easily provided you are doing what it takes to earn upvotes. I also want you to know that musing isn't stingy when it comes to sharing upvotes to people. Musing is ready to reward you very bountiful provided you are ready to work for the upvotes. Another important fact is that there is high chance you gain recognition on the platform for your work such that you may be one of musing legends when the time comes. Just keep providing quality answers and questions and never plagiarize but always stay true to yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I don't understand why one would need tutorials on musing to get upvotes. It smacks of trying to game the system when all you have to do is ask and answer questions.

I have found the best way is to answer questions on subjects you are familiar with or have some knowledge to add. make it real and use your own words. What I mean by that is I have seen users in the past copy from websites and it sticks out like a sore thumb.  


It is not that difficult... All you need to do is, to answer candidly and express yourself to best of your knowledge...

If you don't know answer of a question, it is better to not mess with it.

People fail to get upvotes on musing when they try to answer every question whether it falls in their area of expertise or not!!! This causes the answer's quality to fall.


There might be a correlation between using musing for profit, and not being rewarded on musing.

What I mean, is this isn't exactly a place where you can expect to be rewarded for your content, because this space demands literacy skills, proper spelling and grammar, and an overall aptitude towards construction, and delivery of Q&A.

There is no coincidence to the fact that the top rewarded musers obtain a high level of visual appeal with their writing, as well as great structure and grammar. 

It's pretty simple in my mind. If you are asking this question, you might be on the wrong platform. 

(Not saying specifically you, just general terms)


I wouldn't say difficult but I don't find it really easy as well, in fact it's "fair".

It won't look at look at reputation or popularity alone, it scout for an interesting question or answer post, that's it.

So you can rest assured that @musing will curate for you effort and it won't go to waste. Although there's no guarantee that all of your posts will be upvoted by musing but I'm quote sure that majority of it will gain a decent reward.

On top of that, it's in fact amusing to exchange insights to other users of musing.io 😉


I didn't need any form of tutorial to start posting on musing. I just read the rules and simply follow the instructions.

For one to get good upvotes, one ought to:

•Ask good and quality questions

•Give reasonable amount good answers to questions if you don't know the answer to a question just simply walk away from answering such question

•Musing needs time. You need to invest your time to earn on musing

If you follow these few tips I assure you that you are going to get upvoted at least thrice in a day on musing


Out of all the Steem Platforms I have tried (and I have used many), Musing remains to be the most fair and the most unbiased out of all the platforms built on top of the Steem Blockchain. And it's all because of Musing's manual curation done by an unbiased set of curators. 

I know some platforms who gives out more upvote weight to people who are close to their curators or how the curators from those platforms prefer people with a high reputation and/or Steem Power. Those platforms claim to be "all about quality" but when I browse, read or watch the contents on their platform it seems to not be the case. (Quality is highly subjective though so my standards might be too high? Idk XD)

Anyway since all upvotes from the @musing account are all done manually and from what I've heard ALL Musing curators have little-to-no-ties to anyone on here, ALL contents on Musing then are given equal chance. 

It is no hidden fact that the majority of users here on Musing are only after the upvote to increase their SP/reputation so, while there is no need for tutorials outside Musing (it does help promote Musing though), I for one think that it is time to add a FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions ) on Musing's website and also add the Curation Guidelines so other people can get a general idea of how Musing works.


It depend on the answer which you gives If your answer is not a copyright and to the full point of view of question then I am sure you will able to get vote from musing and Musing appreciate our work If we play good with musing, So be honest in your answer and it is not difficult to get upvote than if you follow all rules, 


Its not that difficult no. Firstly with questions - just ask questions that havent been asked before, and invite conversation and debate.

When it comes to answering questions, make sure fristly that you actually answer the question in its entirety! I see to many people writing pages and pages of answers but not actually properly answering the questions. Nothing wrong with longer answers if it is needed but just make sure to actually answer the question! Musing is not a charity and won't upvote every question and answer, but if you follow the guidelines, then you will likely get an upvote of some type.

In terms of the tutorials, I havent seen these but it just sounds like a money making venture to me - I think Musing is pretty self explanatory, and we can easily learn from our own mistakes.


I don't think it is

For me, you simply have to answer correctly and truthfully

I believe those who are doing tutorials simply want to cash in on the opportunity. Someone like me will possibly check them out as I gaining new perspectives