Honest moment: do you really feel that people care about the things you write?

I would say about 5% of the people who follow you really care about the things you wrote and the majority are just interacting with you in hopes to get some support/upvote or be followed back or to get something out of you.

The main reason why I settle to writing only "decent quality" posts instead of "exceptional high quality post" like everyone here preach day and night is that I know only a few people will really read and react to my post. Back then my blog posts are usually 500+words and it was really disappointing to see that hours/days after I got little-to-no comments at all and no support/love payout-wise. 

When I shifted to writing "personal blog posts" like my Gaming, what Anime or TV Series I am watching or just pure random things I am thinking or experiencing that day, I've noticed that I got more interactions from people. I know now that there are some people who cares (5% cares XD) about what you write but don't know how to react or make a comment with your post. This is especially noticeable for high-quality post since one might feel intimidated. Whereas personal blog posts are easy to make a comment too since it feels more carefree. XD Others also feel that there upvotes aren't worth much so they just decided to secretly love your post.

So yeah! I think there are some who really cares about what you write or what you are up to that day. Genuine engagement is probably the key here. XD 


Honestly no. The majority probably don't even read it.

There are however one or two individuals which I won't name do. They are always commenting and asking questions and they are the ones at the end of the day I am writing for.

If you believe that everyone is reading what you are writing then you are delusional. I read so much that I don't have time for everyone's posts. Time is an issue and wish I had more.

There are some posts though that I have to read everyday as they are normally informative on the exact state of affairs on Steemit. These are must read posts that I am drawn to. There are one or two friends that I will read and comment on but the others I will upvote and skim read. i will normally place a comment as well.

In the beginning i would post an article and I wouldn't get any votes or comments so today getting one or two comments with votes is a win. Honestly i am sometimes grateful just to have one or two comments on a post and no more. I don't have loads of time and spare votes left to upvote if there were more.

If someone gets pleasure out of reading a post of mine then I have done what it was supposed to do. I am no professional writer so what do I honestly expect. I will stick to producing one or two posts a day that will hold some value to someone.


At this moment I think they don't care anymore. At least they don't do that as much as they did half a year ago. That's why I don't write that often anymore on Steemit. I just share some pics once in a while but I am not writing articles as I used to. I had a time at the beginning of my experience as a steemian when I was posting three or four times a day and not only that I was getting upvotes on almost all of my posts but I had a lot of interaction also. 

There were about two or three users that were commenting on my posts every time I would upload something. It was nice and I had the feeling that I am writing for someone and I get the appreciation for what i wrote not only through upvotes but comments also. The only post that I wrote recently and had about 4o comments was one that got upvoted by curie and somehow people noticed it. I don't know how they were triggered but lots of people that weren't even following me were commenting on my post. 

Regarding the regular readers I've noticed that they don't pay attention anymore. It's either that my posts have become boring or that people are fed up with reading posts on Steemit every day. I think that in a few years we are going to have the tweet type of posts most often where users share some ideas briefly and leave their followers for interpretation. This way I think there will be more engagement and people will still have the patience to read. I am lucky that I discovered musing and this the place where I spend most of my time now. 

I don't even need to have followers in here to get feedback on the topics I open. Anyway, keep up with the good work and have a great day!


I think that probably about 90% of the people who follow me couldnt care less or dont even really know who I am (part of this is because some people follow 1000s of accounts and I just get lost). I do see the same names come up time and time again when I see who upvotes me or who comments on mt posts. I also know that of my followers there are more than a fair few bots, and people who are not currently active or have long left the platform.

This is probably one of the reasons I have moved away from blogging and on onto dapps on the blockchain such as Musing, Actifit and Steemhunt, who all have their own niche and people who are more interested in what you are writing about.

Steemhunt is a classic example of this, as I feel that the majority of people who upvote my posts or comment are genuinly interested in what I have posted


I think some people may actually care about the answers that I write here. At least I hope so. My goal is to consider my answers carefully and get at the truth, the bare essential facts or principles relevant to the question. I believe there is value to that approach.


Does it really matter? 

As long as you care about stuff you write then it should be fine. 

I think, there's a problem when you do not care about stuff you write about. 


If they can relate to it then yes😊

I care to what I read completely, if I don't then I won't even finish it.