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Honest moment: who is the worst steemian alive?

I know  a few and it is not something you just mention. We or must of us know of at least a few and don't mix with them. I am hoping when the communities and SMT's start that they will power down and leave. No one mentions names as the last thing you want is enemies.

There is one user that stands head and shoulders over every one else and is not liked by a majority even though he/she had massive support at one time.

If you don't have a proper following and just use bot's for growth then the future looks bleak for those accounts. I am hoping that this will help make the platform a better place and clear out the garbage.


I could give you specific names but that would be detrimental to my (Steem) health!

However, I can give some typical traits of Steemians which I think are 'bad' and should be avoided

- Posting sub par/plagarised content and botting/self voting to trending

- Not being community minded/completly avoiding the community - e.g. posting and bnever interacting and not replying to any comments on posts.

- Making threats, such as flags, or becoming involved in flag wars for no aparent reason.

Im sure there are many more, but these traits are things that if I witness I generally stay away from that persons blog. There are plenty of great Steemians to follow and interact with


I know a couple but wouldn't dare to name them! Their rank and wallet are going to let them know however! 

Unfortunately not everyone understand what this is about, some people still act like on facebook or twitter or other sites. 


You can't name most of them. But basically it's every steemian that only came here to milk the platform and just reap what they can get from community programs, plagiarize, copy paste posts, spam, and just makes it toxic for everyone else to be in the platform. 


Everybody knows you can't name names or you'll be toast.

But actually I don't have a name in mind. The worst individual has got to be some nameless scammer or spammer that did phishing attacks with the power of thousands of bots prior to HF20. 


Probobly @horriblesteemian would be my guess. 

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