Would you stop supporting a corrupt system that you're benefiting from and sole depend on?

Tough question. First of all, I will not support a corrupt system. If I know in the first place, that it is corrupt then I will not give my time and attention to it knowing that the intentions of that system is not good. Though beneficial, a corrupt system is a corrupt system no matter how you try to analyze it. 

Second, if during the time I was under the system, it was not yet corrupt and eventually, it became corrupted then yes, I will stop supporting it. Even if I depend on it and I can have the benefits of being under it but still, from the word itself corrupt, meaning dishonest or dishonorable. I think it is not virtuous to support a dishonest system even if brings good to you. I know I cannot sleep at night knowing that I gained benefits because of being under a system which is the opposite of my principles in life.

The question was quite difficult because as a human being, we tend to cling into something as long as we benefit from it but if you really think about it, do you really want to support something that is dishonest and unethical? I don't think so. Hence, my answer would be to stop supporting it. 


Of course, not. Your question presupposes that it would be practically suicidal to do so. To be solely dependent on something means having no other means of supporting oneself. I'm not going to just drop dead because I don't like the system I'm living under. For things to change, there has to be a coordinated effort to do so. This is, incidentally, why reforming a corrupt system is so difficult. I'm not aware of a single instance where a corrupt society has been transformed into an honest one. Is anyone else?


This is a very difficult situation. Stop supporting a corrupt system that brings you benefit when you are solely dependent on it. 

If I say I will stop, I may be lying because, truth be told, it is definitely difficult to use our own hands to soil our major source of dependence. In as much as it may be the right thing to do, it may not really come out as easy as it may sound. There are however things to put in place before you stop supporting the corrupt system. Things like sourcing for another means of dependence. This will go a long way in ensuring that we do not go back to our vomit. Because once we stop supporting the corrupt system without having any major source of dependence, then, chances that we go back to supporting the corrupt system are really high.


This is the kind of question that will literally raised my shoulder and be confused on whether to say "YES" or "NO".

If I say "YES", and stop supporting the corrupt system, I might end up loosing all the benefits from it and start all over again. 

However, if I say "NO", and continue to support it and keep enjoying the benefits from it then I will live my comfortably while having the guilt of supporting a corrupt system.

If given another opportunity to start over again which could be as beneficial as the corrupt system, then I will "stop supporting" the corrupt system and move on and live my life clean.


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That very much depends on your definition of corruption in the context of systems.

As well as the degree to which said system is corrupt.

Also, does the corruption outweight the benefits to the society and lawful individual?

The closest to a yes or no answer to this question I can give is this:

You can support a system but not the corruption within it.

I support Steem and fight corruption within it with flags.

To not support a system does not inherently mean you don't benefit from it either.

So it's neither.


It will be very difficult for one to stop supporting a corrupt system he benefits from except if he or she increases in knowledge. As human we are blinded by wealth and this keeps pushing us into act that aren't justify and one never gets out as long as he feels wealth is primary in his life.

Personally, with my level of understanding, I can stop supporting a corrupt system, that's because I know I can never grow than I am through corrupted money or suppressing one lower than men.

I like money but money isn't my number one priority. So I can't cause others to suffer for greed . I have been able to conquer this because I have knowledge of it danger .