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When drafting your questions, do you consider the type of people who use this app and the knowledge they posses?
Personally I think we do not have a lot of tech savvy people using musing, or people with knowledge about crypto. So when tailoring your questions, do you think you will get a response

Personally, I've never asked a question based on cryptocurrency. I however think there are competent people here who have an average knowledge about cryptocurrency. TBH, I don't think there are people in musing who have an exhaustive knowledge on cryptocurrencies. Things can change in the future though. There was a time when I saw someone answer a question based on that areas and he did very well well. It's just a matter of getting more people in here.

Musing for me holds more knowledge than we appreciate. It's not easy to get answers to your questions at a very fast rate. That's one of the good things about musing.

One area I know will readily have answers is questions that borders on relationships and lifestyle. There are enough people with good knowledge on that aspect. They will do justice to the questions.

Also, in health niche, musing have people answering questions about health who try their best to provide good answers. I wouldn't think twice before asking questions on those two areas. The others though may solicit some thoughts. However, it's not like we pay to ask questions. So, I just ask anyways.


When I draft my questions my main assumption (or hope rather) is that there is someone else out there who knows what I don't.  This is for the most part.  If it is a techie type of question then I definitely assume that if they are on the internet and using Steemit then they are the type of person who may know the answer.  Aside from that though, I just hope there is someone who knows more than me.

One thing I try my best to do is to clarify as much as possible.  So, I'll type the question and then spend a good amount of time with the clarification part.  Reading the question aloud and trying to think of it from the potential answer writers point of view.  Will they understand what I am trying to get to?

Even putting some examples of exactly the type of information I am looking for seems to help.


Having been here for a month or so I kind of know the regular people here but the truth is people come and go all the time, few are those who are here every day, so you don't know who's going to answer your questions.

Based on the topic of my question, I know who would not answer my questions, or better said I have an idea. Some people are only interested in a few topics, you don't see them answering all kinds of questions.

I know that not all my questions are going to be answered, this has happened before but that's not a problem, some people are digging up old questions and if I can't get an answer now, might get one later.

About cryptocurrency related questions, I've had a few of those but to tell you the truth, you have to look at the person answering the question and judge it for yourself if that answer is accurate. You know, it's a huge difference between questions like what's your opinion on global warming and crypto related questions asked to clarify things of because you don't know what to do, how to make an investment. When your money is in game, you need people you can trust. How do you know that answer is accurate and not just a rephrased text copied from who knows where?


To be honest I ask questions to get another view on things. To have someone give their perspective on something is useful. It may change your thought process and have  a different conclusion in the end.

I don't think we have the brain power on the site to answer technical or difficult questions. There may be one or two who can, but the majority I don't think so. I am not blowing smoke up you, but I am glad to see you back as you ask decent questions.

When asking questions I don't think of who could answer it but I am always hopeful that someone can. I don't believe in tailoring as that means you already know more than the people answering the question.

I am hoping in the future that we have more educated users who will bring vast amounts of knowledge and life experiences. I used to look certain things up when answering questions and that is pointless as you should be answering questions you have knowledge on.


I do. Well..I have given up on some of them...


No, that's because I believe there are different kind of individual here , knowledgeable in various field, if a user can't answer the question, another will. It's not mandatory that one answers any question he comes across, so I ask question believing someone who has idea on that field will attend to it.