What do you with your earning on the steem blockchain?

I am yet to earn a reasonable income and although I am already 5 months old here in steem blockchain but the real engagement started just one month ago. In the initial period of my joining it took some time to understand fully about the steem blockchain and its reward system. Now I am quite used to. I have also read so many success stories of people saying they have earned quite handy last year and some people bought camera, mobiles phones, tablets etc. That makes me curious and jealous also. I am working hard to make something from here and I am planning to buy a laptop in next 6 months. I think it is tough but I will try to.

As steem is quite low now, one can build stem power easily but spending power is not that high at the moment because of low price. But I can also see in last 2/3 days steem price is picking up slowly. If it can reach 1 usd at least that will be great news for small steem users like us.

Some people are also playing in magic-dice game. But that is pure gamble and I do not want to take that route. I have tested that route too, but I lost. So now I will focus on my activities only to earn a decent amount of steem. But in my mind, I have the target to buy a laptop first with my steem earning, then I will decide what to do in future. Thank you. 


In the past year many things have been given by Steem blockchain in my life, especially supporting the economy and meeting my household needs. I started on the platform last August, and I can't calculate exactly what my earning is on the platform. But I have some notes that I have done through my earn on the platform.

At the end of last year, from my earn on the platform I was able to vacation with my family in Aceh, and it spent approximately 150 steem when the price reached 8 USD / steem.

I can buy a new smartphone as my support to continue to be creator content on the platform.

I can facilitate Meet ups with friends in Indonesia, through joint blockchain, and jointly fund our own events.

I can attend the national Steem Blockchain Meet up held in West Java, Indonesia and that is all through the blockchain system in my wallet.

I and some friends initiated the steemian environment care through steem monetization from Indonesian steemian, and it went well, our environmental campaign was able to attract the attention of the local government to blockchain steem.

The Steem Blockchain is my digital wallet, and it helped my economy a lot when I needed extra when I had trouble getting other income. At least that's what I've got through my earning on the platform and it's a remarkable achievement, steem on forever!


I use my earnings to power up. I need more SP to upvote content authors that need the support more than I do. There are countless of steemians out there putting value into the blockchain but less rewards are available for them to go around. I think my method helps add more value to the blockchain because I support activities that help user retention. 


Unfortunately my earning on steem is little so i didn't buy anything from steem money. I would like to pay my Internet bill, entertainment bill and Love to buy good lens from steem earning. I think steem is the source of entertainment so the money should be spent on entertainment activity. Let's hope The price will rise again. Otherwise I will prefer to keep boosting my little steem power